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Decibel Gets IMC-GAP Certification, Its First International Export Of Cannabis Expected In H2 2022

Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. DBCCF DB a premium cannabis producer, has received its certification to export its cannabis products internationally. “This is a very important milestone for the outlook of the company as this certification unlocks untapped markets for Decibel. The opportunity allows the company to provide its high-quality craft cannabis products internationally, while also […]

Neighbourly Pharmacy (TSX:NBLY): Top Healthcare Stock for Q3 2022

Image source: Getty Images The TSX’s healthcare sector has been a perennial underperformer. The primary reason it lacks excitement since 2020 is because of cannabis stocks. Thus far this year, the sector is the worst performer (-44.1%). However, a non-cannabis producer like Neighbourly Pharmacy (TSX:NBLY) is an interesting growth stock pick for Q3 2022. The […]

Allied Corp Successfully Ships First Commercial Cannabis Flower Export From Colombia To International Market

Allied Corp. ALID has completed the first shipment of commercial dried cannabis from Colombia to an international market. On April 01, 2022 Colombia enacted the new legislation allowing for the legal export of dried cannabis produced in Colombia. In April 2022, Allied submitted several applications for export approvals. After many levels of regulatory inspections, analyses, […]

Large Public Cannabis Operators, Curaleaf, Green Thumb, Verano, Acreage, Ascend Face $360K Fines In New Jersey

Some of the largest US cannabis operators violated important rules set up for the newly legal marijuana market in New Jersey. And, they’re being fined for it. What Happened According to state cannabis commission documents, obtained via Open Public Records Act request, Curaleaf Holdings Inc. CURLF, and several other dispensaries in New Jersey processed nearly 3,200 recreational sales during hours that […]

CordovaCann Expands Into California Cannabis Market With AuBio Labs

CordovaCann Holdings, Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary of CordovaCann Corp. LVRLF CDVA acquired the rights to purchase assets of AuBio Labs, LLC. AuBio is an arm’s length California-based company that holds licenses, equipment and a leased facility to provide cannabis extraction services and manufactured products for sale to licensed cannabis retailers in the State. The assets will […]

Medical Marijuana And Driving: No More DUI Arrests For Cannabis Users Under New Pennsylvania Bill

A measure to protect Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients from being charged with driving under the influence was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday in a 13-0 vote, reported PennLive. Under the bill medical cannabis is to be equally treated like any other prescription narcotic, requiring proof of impairment of the person’s ability to drive in […]

Can These Beaten-Down Growth Stocks Be Revived?

The S&P 500 has dipped 18% so far this year, but this distressed market creates opportunities to buy excellent stocks in industries with massive potential. Marijuana is one such sector. The global legal marijuana market could grow at a compound rate of 25% by 2030, according to Grand View Research. However, Canadian cannabis stocks are struggling to grow […]

Scientists And Researchers Concur: Cannabis Laced With Fentanyl Is Not A Thing, Cops & Media Should Stop Scare Tactics

Over the past two years, between law enforcement and some anti-cannabis media outlets, frightening stories about “fentanyl-laced marijuana” have cropped up in the news although lab testing has never confirmed it.  Does Fentanyl-Laced Weed Even Exist? Leafly LFLY undertook a 6-month investigation and analyzed claims of fentanyl-laced cannabis. “Many of our readers are medical marijuana patients or adult cannabis consumers. If they face a serious […]

Cannabis Reg. Update: White House Drug Czar Touts Benefits Of Medical Cannabis, House Committee Approves Protections For State Marijuana Programs & More

White House Drug Czar Touts Therapeutic Value Of Medical Cannabis With more than 50 million American adults around the country suffering from chronic pain, many turn to cannabis as an alternative to prescription drugs. According to a recent study, conducted by investigators at the Rothman Orthopedic Institute at the Thomas Jefferson University, 73% of the […]