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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies never cease to amaze and inspire with what they can do and offer. Swissx TV channels on NFTs and Crypto break down all the jargon and help one explore NFTs and Crypto in a simplified manner. These channels aim to provide the latest happenings from the crypto world, the market trends, the movement of the market, trends in the economy amongst many others. The idea is to dig deeper into stories that impact us and make a difference.

Swissx has launched the Swissx NFT Club at where one can buy famous art in 1% fractions and collect miniature Gold Coins of your favourite asset art backed NFT and buy 1 % Fractions of Famous art pieces worth over a $ 1 Billion Dollars. Stay connected with daily prices on “The OpenSea” at

In the NFT Club you get to use Swissx TV and really get to learn about the blockchain revolution, fractional investment in art and how it can empower you. In fact, we are running a partner program with a great Afro Beats Artist from West Africa called Stanley Enow.

Every time a Swissx NFT trades, kids in Africa get a hand up with the Stanley Enow Foundation receiving funds to educate kids and empower them with equipment and opportunities in West Africa and the inner cities of the USA!

One can become an exclusive member of Swissx NFT Investors Club that is valued at over $ 1 billion US Dollars Exchange between collectors of minted and unminted. With being part of the investors club Swissx offers monthly Swissx TV Wellness Box packed with Swissx curated goodies along with access to exclusive content of 600 Channels of Live TV News & Entertainment.

NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, is unique data using technology that allows digital content real-world objects like art, music, digital content, photographs, and videos to become logged and authenticated on cryptocurrency blockchains. Once content is logged onto the blockchain, every transaction from transfers to sales is recorded on-chain, creating an easily accessible ledger. With NFTs, it is all tokenised to create a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought and sold. The main impact of NFTs is making it easy to own and sell digital content.

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