Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Holders to get access to Online Video Arcade World, MonkeLand

Artsy Monke 2/10000. Oil Painting. Starry Eyed Monke.

Artsy Monke Project building play to earn universe exclusively for Artsy Monke and Bored Ape owners

To increase the value of an NFT you need to make it more valuable to hold than to sell. That means making the NFT a key for the holder to access other valuable assets that they can sell instead”

— CryptoGrims, Artsy Monke AI Artist

HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, USA, August 12, 2022 / — Holding an NFT is quickly becoming more than a way to change your profile picture on social media. Utility and value are now becoming the focus for turning flippers into holders. Fine Art project Artsy Monke says they know exactly how to achieve this.

Artsy Monke created by registered Nintendo game developer and artist CryptoGrims, and veteran Blockchain developer Dan Hovey, rocketed onto the NFT scene recently after developing their own artificial intelligence to reimagine the 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs as printable works of fine art. The collection quickly sold out and has now soared past 150 ETH of secondary trading volume on the popular OpenSea marketplace, and has so far reached a market capitalization of half a million dollars (USD).

“The art is just the starting point.” Explains Grims. “In order to increase the value of an NFT you need to make it more valuable to hold than to sell. By making the NFT a key to access other valuable assets, it will incentivise people to hold instead of selling, reducing available supply, causing the value to grow exponentially. A golden goose, or in this case, a solid gold skin Monke.”

To this end the Artsy Monke project are creating a virtual video arcade park where only holders of Artsy Monke or BAYC can explore, play and earn. The world will have twenty themed areas, each one home to an ever growing collection of retro themed video games. Users will be able to pick up and play any game in this world, and earn the Artsy Monke in-game currency while doing so. This currency will of course live on the blockchain, and be tradable for NFTs and cryptocurrency. This is not the team’s first foray into virtual worlds, with project AI artist CryptoGrims also being a senior VR and game developer by trade, and Hovey being the lead developer on the upcoming world’s first comedy club powered by the Blockchain, Crypto Comedy Club.

The team believe that keeping the community of a project happy is the most important aspect. “We have been trying to add value not only to our own community but also to the BAYC community. Since day one we have accepted $APE for Artsy Monke as well as creating an abstract artwork of the apes.” Stated Dan. However, their support of the NFT community is further reaching than just BAYC. Dan is a weekly co-host on former two-times King of the Cage Middleweight Champion, Keith Berry’s Twitter space, where both support and collect young and upcoming artists NFTs.

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