A Curated NFT platform Designed To Comply With Regulations And Dedicated To World-leading Artists And Galleries


Admire.art work with the most prestigious galleries to give users the ability to collect artworks from the world’s most famous and valuable artistsAdmire.art aims to launch this summer and is built on Tezos.

The platform has already lined up a number of top-tier galleries and leading traditional artists such as Lita Cabellut, Manolo Valdés, Rafa Macarrón, Ron Arad, Li Tianbing, Golnaz Fathi, Anthony James, George Morton-Clark for its launch.

Some works of these artists are selling at auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s for $200,000+ regularly.

The team at Admire.art has the connections and the network to pull off a unique line-up of renowned artists and create high-end curated NFT collections.

“Admire.art is a marketplace running on the Tezos blockchain that will allow galleries to establish themselves on the digital market of their artists via a platform revolutionizing the world of NFTs.

Admire.art will finally offer a premium sales space for leading galleries exhibiting established artists. Indeed, only curated galleries will be able to sell on admire.art’s primary market.

NFTs on the platform can be either 1/1 or multiple editions. Purchases are done in tez, the native token of the Tezos blockchain and users will need a Tezos wallet to be able to interact with the platform.

The secondary market will be open for anyone that has gone through the KYC process. Once an NFT is bought at Admire.art, the owner can relist it on the platform at any time at any price.

Compliance For Galleries

An interesting aspect of the platform is that is enables compliance with regulations, which means that buying and selling can be done legally in different countries.

This is especially important for big galleries that were previously unable to fully take part in the NFT scene.

Buyers and sellers need to follow KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure before they can access the platform.

Admire entrusts Onfido For KYC checks. This company handles tier-one clients such as Revolut, Orange, Remity, Bunq, Wirex, Bitstamp, Nickel.

…Admire.art will enable galleries to be compliant with the legislation of the different countries.

This professional solution will allow them to increase their turnover by benefitting from a new market while contributing to the maturing and flourishing of this space for the greatest benefit of artists and collectors.

Admire allows galleries to be part of a market from which they were previously excluded. Selling on admire allows them to reach an audience that they didn’t have access to before.”

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