NFT art collection sells out in PopCom vending machines

NFT art collection sells out in PopCom vending machinesImage courtesy of PopCom.

On June 20, at an event known as the Web3 gathering, the PopCom vending machines sold out of non-fungible token art offerings, according to a press release.

The non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs, delivered “in real life” artwork while also delivering digital art on the blockchain.

The success of the offering proved that NFTs and artwork can be dispensed at scale from vending machines, providing a unique experience for both artists and consumers.

Collector Jatali Bellanton purchased six of the iconic New Yorker portraits while Jim Jones received one of the NFTs with his image. Each purchase came with a print of the artwork and a QR code to mint a digital NFT.

New York artist Christopher “Knxtti” Green created “The NYers” collection featuring cartoonized portraits of Biggie, Whoopi Goldberg, Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, Donald Trump and more.

PopCom plans to continue the project with a Los Angeles event to be announced soon. By utilizing the PopShop vending machines, the group hopes to bridge the gap between local artists and consumers across the country through NFT technology.

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