Cannabis Reg. Update: NY Cannabis Advisory Meets, Vermont Supports Drug Decriminalization, New Medical Cannabis Bill San Francisco

Good News In New York: First Meeting Of NY Cannabis Advisory Board and First Legal Marijuana Harvest

On June 30, the New York Cannabis Advisory Board, which will decide how the state spends tax revenue from the marijuana industry, held its inaugural meeting. Addressed by Chris Alexander, the executive director of the Office of Cannabis Management, told the advisory board members that under the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, they are primarily responsible for distributing money to the New York State Community Grants Reinvestment Fund.

“We’re working to create the most equitable and inclusive industry in the nation,” Alexander said. “We are moving forward full steam ahead.”

The NY Cannabis Insider conference schedule is now available. In September, a “Syracuse Half-Day Conference” cannabis business conference will be held on the Rail Line, Syracuse, NY.

New York highlighted its first legal recreational cannabis growers, who received their cultivation licenses last April.

“New York’s move is a potential lifeline for farmers growing CBD during a price slump,” the AP reported. “They have the opportunity to make a lot more money growing what is essentially the same plant, but with higher levels of THC, the compound that makes people feel high.”

Vermont Poll: Majority Of Voters Support Decriminalizing Drug Possession & Increasing Access to Health Services

New polling data, released by Data for Progress and the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), showed that more than four in five (84%) Vermont voters support eliminating criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of drugs. Additionally, the poll found that 81% of voters support reframing the state’s approach to drug use as a health issue with a focus on reducing the harms of addiction and providing health and recovery services.

“With Vermont having one of the highest increases in overdoses in the country last year, it’s clear that the existing approach of criminalizing people who use drugs isn’t working to keep people safe. In fact, it has only made things worse,” said Grey Gardner, senior staff attorney for the Drug Policy Alliance

California: New Bill to Avoid Prohibition of Medical Cannabis heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee

Senate Bill 1186, headed by Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), which requires cities to allow patients access to purchase legal medicinal cannabis by delivery, passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

“Cannabis is an important and life-saving medicine for many people, including those who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, and numerous other illnesses. Everyone deserves access to medicine,” reads the bill.

“Seniors, those living with HIV and chronic illnesses, and disabled people need access to medical cannabis,” said Senator Wiener, “SB 1186 will ensure we aren’t abandoning people and will allow cannabis access across the state.”

SB 1186 is sponsored by the California Cannabis Industry Association and  community organizations, including the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and California NORML.

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