Sisters Of The Valley Weed Nuns Compete In Big Mike Straumetis’ Next Marijuana Millionaire Show

The very first episode of the new reality show TV competition, Next Marijuana Millionaire, airs on May 12 and California’s Sisters of the Valley are the first guests on what is sure to be an entertaining, cannabis-infused contest.

“It is a rather crazy competition between heads of cannabis companies. We did this several years ago, and now the episodes are dropping one per week, starting today,” Sister Kate told Benzinga in an email.

Also known as the “Weed Nuns,” the Sisters of the Valley are dedicated to growing cannabis and selling medicinal products derived from it. And now they’re are on TV with Michael ‘Big Mike’ Straumetis.

The Next Marijuana Millionaire is hosted and produced by Big Mike and his company Advanced Nutrients. He is joined by co-host Brooke Burgstahler, an actress, host, comedian and plant medicine advocate. The show takes 16 cannabis entrepreneurs from around the U.S. through rigorous challenges to test their tenacity in the world of business. Only one company succeeds, as each round eliminates contestants.

Sister Kate and Sister Claire, on the first episode for the big prize and (spoiler alert), end up in lock-down in a mansion in Hollywood long before the pandemic.

“As fun and fabulous as the series is,” said Sister Kate, “it struggled to find a home.” Because cannabis is not legal in all states, the series struggled to find corporate sponsors for traditional viewing channels.

Corporate sponsors shy away from this space, as Big Mike would say they ‘hide behind tomatoes’, which is a metaphor for the growers. The fact that Advanced Nutrients has the pot leaf on the packaging and has always been ‘out’ about catering to the growers sets their company apart from other nutrient companies.

Sister Kate added that she is thrilled to have the series launching through a new platform that caters to the industry, to budtenders, dispensary managers, growers, retailers and manufacturers. All the Sisters will gather to watch the first episode, she added.

Sisters Of The Valley, based in Merced, California, have been working together since 2015. Comprised of women of all ages who have a mutual goal: to share the medicinal benefits of cannabis, achieve its legalization and further the struggle for a medical system that has historically oppressed the concept of holistic medicine.

The streaming platform, developed through a collaboration of the best tech and entertainment minds, is an app that can be downloaded to an Apple AAPL iPhone via the App Store for free. The series, which will run one episode per week for ten weeks is free and will soon be available on other devices through the Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Playstore.

Photo courtesy of Sisters of The Valley


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