STORZ & BICKEL are raising the bar again with MIGHTY+


The MIGHTY+ sets a new standard in dry herb vaporizers.

The offspring of hardware tech innovation and cannabis industry creativity, dry herb vaporizers provide one of the most precise, effective, and convenient ways to experience your favorite cannabis.

Instead of combusting the flower, these nifty devices use convection heating to extract and activate cannabinoids. This provides a number of benefits, including tighter temperature controls for the perfect hit with heating levels tailored just right to experience each strain’s terpene profile.

STORZ & BICKEL, a longtime standout brand in high-quality vaporizer technology, is continuing to innovate and improve on its designs even after twenty years leading the industry. The German engineers at the center of the brand are the minds behind the world-famous VOLCANO, long seen as the gold standard for at-home desktop vaporizers.

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Like Mercedes-Benz, Airbus, and other engineering powerhouses that make the nation iconic, STORZ & BICKEL apply the ideals of German engineering to every product they create. Each vaporizer sold must meet rigorous control standards before being shipped, ensuring an extremely high level of quality and craftsmanship.

In addition to the award-winning VOLCANO desktop vaporizer and the uber portable CRAFTY+, STORZ & BICKEL offers its classic midrange vaporizer, the MIGHTY. The MIGHTY is the recent recipient of a round of impressive upgrades, bringing you the MIGHTY+.

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This jack-of-all-trades vaporizer is a perfect fit for a lifestyle that demands flexibility. The MIGHTY+ incorporates a suite of state-of-the-art features that result in a cutting-edge vaporizer that retains the quality and ease of use that STORZ & BICKEL is known for. 

A major upgrade to a MIGHTY classic

One of the most impressive things about the MIGHTY+ is the quality of the base product. The original MIGHTY vaporizer was already one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market, perfectly filling the goldilocks niche between a desktop and portable vape. The MIGHTY model uses STORZ & BICKEL’s patented mix of convection and conduction heating to ensure that every hit, even the first, is smooth and flavorful.

An easy-to-use LED display ensures precise heating control so your pull can be perfectly tailored to the cultivar’s needs and your personal preferences. With enough power and battery life to take it with you confidently, all in a convenient handheld package, this wunderkind fits into any number of situations where other vaporizers don’t.

Meet the MIGHTY+

The MIGHTY+ manages to somehow raise the bar even higher. STORZ & BICKEL’s team has redesigned the award-winning product to make it even more convenient and durable. The filling chamber is now ceramic coated for purer flavor and so that it’s sturdy enough to easily handle an afternoon of mountain biking or a fall down the stairs. The new design also features fins for added stability, meaning the MIGHTY+ will have no problem standing tall on a coffee table or desktop. With these fins and such a sleek profile, you’ll find that the MIGHTY+ is a conversation starter before you even inhale. 

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

Of course, STORZ & BICKEL have made a number of improvements under the hood of the MIGHTY+ as well. The special attention the engineers paid to end-user convenience is evident in the addition of a new USB-C charging port. This superpowered connection means that the MIGHTY+ can charge both its lithium-ion batteries up to 80% in as little as forty minutes. With the MIGHTY+, you’ll never wake up cursing yourself after forgetting to charge your vaporizer overnight again. USB-C is also a charging format shared by many cellphones, tablets, and other devices, meaning it’s never been easier to charge your vaporizer on the go. The portability, power, and convenience of the MIGHTY+ are truly hard to beat.

The perfect pull

Courtesy of STORZ & BICKEL

Nobody likes to wait around to get high, and the MIGHTY+ will never keep you in suspense. The lightning-fast vaporizer can heat up in as little as sixty seconds. In the time it takes to microwave some leftovers, you can be ready to enjoy the smooth, pure flavor that has endeared the MIGHTY and now the MIGHTY+ to STORZ & BICKEL converts across the globe.

STORZ & BICKEL’s patented heating technology excels at evenly heating all the herb equally, ensuring a consistent, flavorful pull every time. In addition to the finely-tuned digital temperature controls standard on the MIGHTY, the MIGHTY+ also comes equipped with a convenient superheating option. Three clicks on the power button will instantly raise the temperature 15°C (27°F) for a quick boost. 

The dedication to quality and craftsmanship exemplified by these updates to the classic MIGHTY design is difficult to find. The combination of reliability, durability, and longevity on display in the MIGHTY+ shows why STORZ & BICKEL is already a household name. Each handcrafted vaporizer from the brand will continue to deliver long after lesser competitors have fallen short, meaning that a STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer is a sound investment to ensure you are enjoying your cannabis to the fullest for years to come.


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