RtistiQ Announces Digital Art NFT Auction SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE to Drive Female Artists Inclusivity in the World of NFTs

RtistiQ's step towards a mission to change gender disparity in the world of NFTs and onboard the next generation of women creators.

The bidding for SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE – Digital Art NFT Auction will take place from May 12-15.

There will be 69 unique physical art-based NFTs on auction from 14 artists.

A total of 69 digital assets from 14 highly coveted artworks minted as NFTs will be accessible on the RtistiQ NFT Drop page and can be collected by art collectors, NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts.

SINGAPORE, May 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — RtistiQ, an innovative curated online art platform based in Singapore, has announced an NFT Art Auction ‘She is Unstoppable’ to help promote female representation, equal opportunities and inclusivity in the world of NFTs. The auction will be the company’s third this year. In February, RtistiQ took the celebrated Indian modern master Raja Ravi Varma’s works to the metaverse as NFTs followed by a charity auction in April in support of Ukrainian artists who are being impacted by the war.

RtistiQ commented, “This year’s International Women’s Day theme ‘Break The Bias’ raised an opportunity to reflect on the past years, do something different and advance gender equality. There is an acute under-representation of women in several sectors and disciplines. One of these is NFTs. Only 5% of NFT art sales went to women creators, in 21 months to November 2021. While we are seeing increasing commitment to gender equality, more action is needed. Via this auction we would like to help change the trajectory for women NFT creators and accelerate progress.”

RtistiQ is delighted to present the 14 female artists who will be participating in the SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE Digital Art NFT auction. Nayanaa Kanodia (India) is an award-winning artist recognized by reputable art institutions as the pioneer of Indian Naïve Art. Linkan Pakenawan (Indonesia) is an emerging artist under the radar of many contemporary art collectors. With an articulated voice, she harnesses the power of art to challenge social norms and break taboos. Linkan aims to provoke a debate around nudity and the female body representation in a conservative society. Smruthi Gargi Eswar (India) brings back to life forgotten goddesses through a feminist lens. Rendered in bold and flamboyant avatars, her ‘Sister Misfortune’ series attempts a reverse deification of these goddesses, exploring not just their duality, but the multiplicity of their individual personalities and journeys.

Some artists look inwards when it comes to inspiration. Kerry Inkster (Australia) explores themes such as equality, gender discrimination, and horizontal segregation. She is interested in strong, beautiful, resilient women depicted in underwater fantasy-like scenes. Like herself, a victim of domestic violence, Inkster’s heroines are survivors. For Melissa Labozzetta (Australia) art is an infusion of worldly demeanour, open sexuality, and a passion to engage, share and contribute to the world around her. With a consistent drive to share her creative and sensual self, Melissa breaks from traditional restraints to find comfort in her art and in her life. A critically acclaimed multimedia artist, Santosh Jain (India) is known for her digital works revealing untold stories. Her digital collages are an incongruous, often surrealistic, melange of disconnected images and shapes that come together to address the universal subordination of women in art and life. Working in a contemporary expressionist style, Mila Plaickner (Austria) is driven by the idea of capturing human expressions. Her multifaceted pictorial compositions are rich in symbolism and often disclose the process by leaving intentionally unfinished details. Young Hnatiuk Olena (Ukraine) is an artist and digital illustrator using art to express her feelings. Carolina Alotus (Cyprus), Christel Haag (Germany), and Daniella Pasqualini (USA) are commercially successful process-oriented artists. The abstract style they have adopted speaks volumes about raw emotions.

Other artists from the auction are keen observers of our contemporary society. Described by the media as “a pioneer of the New German Pop Art”, Susanne Boehm (Germany) has a very well-defined pop art style of depicting elusive regular people in regular circumstances. Nana (Anastasiya) Artamonova (Spain) creates vibrant portraits of famous and attractive faces. Beyond appropriate for the metaverse, her signature painting style emulates extreme photo digital effects. Mainaz Bano (India) is an artist and a storyteller who represents current social issues in patterns and motifs inspired by Mughal miniature paintings. Firmly rooted in her cultural heritage of the city of Lucknow, the Nawabs, Begums, Colonial Sahibs and Memsahibs of Awadh come alive in her fascinating works.

Each of these female artists has been invited by RtistiQ to take part in this auction because of their exceptional talent, their coherent art concept, art market recognition and powerful statement. RtistiQ is excited to provide the platform for these artists to make their first steps into the Metaverse. Their highly coveted artworks minted as NFTs are shared with art collectors wishing to add to their collection digital editions as well as NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts. RtistiQ has minted works from each artist on Polygon and the auction will take place from May 12-15. The starting bid for the digital art NFTs ranges from $200 to $3820. The company welcomes payments with crypto currency or credit card. RtistiQ encourages all art and NFT collectors interested in taking part in this auction to register in advance.

The auction page can be viewed here.

About RtistiQ

RtistiQ is at the forefront of a journey to build a sustainable art market ecosystem and empower all art market players. It has developed a unique art platform and community that has adopted Blockchain, NFT and NFC technologies to bring the much-needed transparency in the art sector. RtistiQ is the first NFT backed platform for art across traditional and digital mediums connecting artists from over 40 countries with art lovers.

To learn more visit: https://art.rtistiq.com/en/auction/nft-art-by-women

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RtistiQ is releasing a curated selection of whimsical digital creations in the metaverse by 14 exceptionally talented and acclaimed female artists.

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