Solana NFT Minting Bots Trigger the Seventh Network Outage in 4 Months

Key Insights:

  • Metaplex confirmed Solana’s recent outage was caused by botting on the Candy Machine program.
  • This is the seventh outage observed by Solana in the last four months.
  • Solana NFTs have been noticing a waning interest from investors.

Solana is one of the biggest DeFi chains in the world, built with the capabilities of creating and selling NFTs on the chain itself. Combine that with the growing craze for NFTs in the last few months, and it’ll bring us to where the network is today.

Solana Faces Another Outage

In a confirmation on Twitter, Solana stated that the most recent outage, which hit the mainnet on April 30 and lasted for seven hours into May 1, had been corrected yesterday morning after Validator operators successfully completed a cluster restart of Mainnet Beta.

Metaplex explained this to be the result of botting on the Metaplex Candy Machine program, and in order to deal with this, the NFT minting platform deployed a penalty of 0.01 SOL worth approximately $0.87, as per Solana’s trading price of $87 at the time of writing.

Metaplex further justified this penalty stating,

“Botting penalties that are collected will be given to the config account for the Candy Machine instance. The creator of the Candy Machine will then have discretion on how to use the funds collected from these penalties. In addition, the Metaplex Foundation will continue to invest heavily in evolving the Candy Machine program to discourage botting in support of creators and collectors.”

As mentioned above, this is the seventh time Solana investors have had to suffer from this problem, as back in January, the network was victim to multiple outages due to high usage.

Daily Solana NFT transactions | Source: Dune

Solana price has declined by 38% in the last month

Although the altcoin did mark a 6% recovery yesterday, it did not make much of a difference since SOL will have to add $50 to its current price in order to make its investors somewhat happier.

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