These $1,000 Zig-Zag Boxes Feature Gold Leaf Cones For Cannabis, A Zippo Lighter And More

Zig-Zag celebrated 4/20 this year in a major way with the drop of an exclusive 1k stash box filled with limited edition gold leaf cones, a Zig-Zag branded Zippo, gold plated grinder and poker, leather pouch stash bag, and functioning solid gold mouthpiece featuring a gold chain to wear as a statement piece, if desired.

The Zig-Zag 1K Box is available for purchase only through a raffle system. 100 customers will be randomly selected for the opportunity to purchase. Selected customers will be notified in April – May with a 48-hour purchasing window.

“Since our humble beginning in 1879, Zig-Zag has risen to be the gold standard of rolling papers across the globe. The 1k Gold Stash Box pays tribute to that legacy of quality set by the Braunstein brothers over 140 years ago. Every element of the gold box was carefully designed and crafted to create an unforgettable experience for the end-user. From the diamond encrusted solid gold tip to the 24kt gold leaf cones and added accessories, the box has every tool needed to roll up gold. We used the highest quality materials to ensure that the product would withstand the test of time. We are excited to share this limited-edition release with our customers and continue to expand our boundaries by fueling unforgettable experiences,” Eric Anwar, Director of Marketing at Zig-Zag, told Benzinga.

“As a company, our core values are focused on building great experiences. The introduction of the new Zig Zag 1K Stash Box is a testament to building on the foundation of those great experiences to develop something entirely new and fun,” added vice president Lorenzo De Plano.


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