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LONDON, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huobi NFT, the official Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, and Huobi Ventures, the investment arm of the leading exchange Huobi Global, met in Ho Chi Minh City on April 23 to discuss the future of NFTs and explore the development of NFT 2.0.

The event comprised of numerous talks and panel discussion that  focused on the theme of “IP + Social + DID = NFT 2.0”. Cube chain, K300 Ventures, GTA Ventures, KTS Capital, and other 80 guests participated in the discussions.

Mr. Thanh Phan, BD Manager at Huobi Vietnam, gave a speech about the portal and underlying consensus based on Web 3.0 and Metaverse. He shared  that NFTs should serve as a value carrier for Web3, giving users access to Web3. From the Web2 era to the Web3 era, the value represented by traffic needs to shift to focus on tokens, with NFTs as an important carrier. While NFTs can take the form of tickets, gifts, ID, metaverse avatars, etc, their value is more stable and long standing. This will mitigate challenges like short-term speculation and weak support for value.

The most important thing now is to let users embrace the Metaverse,while creators of the social field and NFT field play an important role in luring users to join the Web3.0 world. Huobi NFT will be gradually upgraded to a social creator transaction platform that empowers creators and users, and which provides community tools like NFT, DID, and DAO.

Kerf Chang, SEA Market Analyst of Cube Chain team, emphasized the importance of blockchain modularity and interoperability. She  believes that in the future, blockchain modularity will be key to solving the scalability issue in blockchains.  In the modularization of the public chain, a layered architecture where the settlement, execution, and data availability are vertically segmented and optimized according to their specifics, can help to address the blockchain scalability issue. She also shared that blockchains that are interoperable and support a multi-chain structure, are key in the multi-chain future.      

In the panel discussion, the panel speakers  discussed the future development of the GameFi industry, trends in Layer1 and Layer2, and other hot topics in the crypto space.

Since the middle of 2021, the Vietnamese market has developed rapidly with the number of digital currency transactions and total transaction volume both spiking. GameFi, NFT and other industries have expanded rapidly in Vietnam. All participants and investors were optimistic about the Vietnamese market.

About Huobi NFT

Huobi NFT is the official NFT platform of Huobi Global. The platform will not only provide users of Huobi Global with the world’s best NFT assets, but also provide more application scenarios for various NFT assets to manifest their respective value. Users of Huobi NFT can realize NFTs’ utility and commercial value through accessing products in the Huobi ecosystem. In the future, the platform will also leverage its ecosystem development to create an entrance to the metaverse, with a foundation based on NFT assets.

About Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huobi Group that focuses on global investments. Huobi Ventures’ structure is divided into four business lines: Strategic Investment, Strategic M&A, Asset Management, and Global Cooperation. Thus far, Huobi Ventures has launched three funds to focus on Blockchain, HECO Ecology, and NFTs, respectively. Huobi Ventures aims to drive growth for Huobi Group and create a global ecosystem with our partners, visit Huobi Ventures for more info.


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