Former Nevada Attorney General George J. Chanos Launches People Reign to Showcase and Promote Emerging Artists and Transparency in the Growing NFT Space

“Art can be a powerful agent for social change. Prior to NFTs, opportunities for artists to get recognized, make a living, have a voice and benefit greater society have primarily been for a select few within the fine art community. At the same time, society, in general, has seen an increase in false social and political narratives and a lack of accountability and transparency globally.” said George J. Chanos, founder of People Reign. “This is why we launched People Reign because we believe blockchain and NFTs present an unprecedented opportunity to empower artists on multiple levels and create positive economic and social value to humanity.”

About the initial artists featured on People Reign:

  • Billie Halliday – similar to Banksy out of London, Billie is an unknown artist whose NFT work is a collection of political satire that documents and sheds light on what’s happening in the world today – as it happens. Billie’s work is provocative, cutting edge, historical and collectible.
  • Andy Young – aka “Strange Carrots.” He has created a collection of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) conducting surveillance on different parts of the world. He’s also created a collection that honors and creates a historical record of influential figures in the evolving technology space. 
  • Garilyn Brune – a deceased Los Angeles drag queen whose images of Rush Limbaugh and Mitch McConnell will provoke thoughts and question our assumptions.
  • Shevi Al Faud –  aka “veevinci,” is a designer and illustrator from Bangladesh. Her work is based on her personal observations, insights, and interpretations of the human condition and the world around her.
  • Lou Majors – a successful graphic designer and now abstract artist born in New York City in 1950, first becoming famous for his graffiti art in Atlanta tagged “You are God.” His art is informed by his metaphysical philosophy and writings.

“I’m excited to be included in the People Reign collection,” said Shevi Al Faud, also known as veevinci. “One of the biggest challenges for any artist is getting discovered. People Reign represents an opportunity to expose my art to a much larger audience and I’m grateful for that opportunity.”

“I’m very excited to be included in the People Reign collection,” said Andy Young, also known as Strange Carrots. “I believe that NFTs are the future. The possibilities for creatives are extraordinary.”

“I believe ART is supposed to be a bone-shaking, out-of-the-norm new visual and emotional experience whether it comes from beauty or mystery,” said Lou Majors.

People Reign is also exploring the use of NFTs for philanthropic causes, marketing mediums, potentially new performing art forms, and creating financial and historical value. As a result, People Reign is working on a series of NFTs to create awareness and generate revenue for the homeless community. 

To learn more and sign up for the launch party on May 27, 2022, visit or

About George J. Chanos
George J. Chanos, served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. He’s the Chairman of Capriotti’s, and Wing Zone, two of the fastest growing franchises in the country with over 170 locations. He’s also a strategic business consultant, an author, and a speaker. 

His most recent book, Millennial Samurai: A Mindset for the 21st Century, takes a look at the technological revolution, and how it will likely impact our lives over the next thirty years. 

Mr. Chanos has been called a futurist and a visionary. He speaks about what he sees as our greatest opportunities and challenges; highlights the issues that he believes should inspire and concern all of us; and explains how change, disruption, and even adversity can create extraordinary opportunities. 

Mr. Chanos is also an artist. He paints, does sculptural assemblage, makes jewelry, and collects art. 

When Beeple sold for $69 million at Christie’s, he decided that he needed to learn more.

And after researching the space, he recognized the significance of the NFT opportunity, not only as a potential business, but as a medium of change. This led to the creation of People Reign. 

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