Global and Bitcoin Cuts, Ethereum Movie, Busy Binance, NFT Base, and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week global markets have been shaken by the news of a worsening global economic outlook. At the same time, the IMF has issued DeFi governance recommendations, and the FSB once again issued another crypto warning. Moreover, there have been reports about stagnating bitcoin and IMF bond deals in El Salvador, while the United States Treasury sanctioned a Russian Bitcoin miner.

Despite the regulatory challenges, the crypto industry has also received positive reports about the growth of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and blockchain gaming. Australia is preparing its bitcoin ETF for the market, and Argentina launched a regulatory sandbox for crypto entrepreneurs and investors. Coinbase launched its much-anticipated NFT marketplace, and Tron’s founder Justin Sun promised to launch ‘the most decentralized stablecoin’ of all.

Also, the SEC faced a storm of criticism from the crypto sector, while quantum simulations attempted to predict crypto adoption. Meanwhile, Brave ‘cut out’ Google, and monero usage in ransomware payments increased. EOS made another recovery move with a new solution for developers, and speculation about a new optimistic token emerged.

It was a busy week for Binance: a swastika-themed failure first, and then – an interesting report from Russia emerged. The exchange also limited its services in Russia.

In the NFT world, Moonbirds faced some criticism, and KuCoin launched USD 100m NFT fund.

At the same time, MetaMask warned about phishing attacks, the Ethereum Foundation revealed its crypto holdings, while analysts were debating the dangers of the Lido staking pool.

Also, ETH edged out BTC in global realized crypto gains and got a new project with Ridley Scott.

And while Goldman Sachs and Commerzbank were taking new steps toward crypto, BTC price forecasts for this year were cut once again.

Now, to ease your pain of paying your annual crypto tax bill, here are 20 tax-free crypto jokes.

Unfortunate news.

Source: u/Fireinthehole_x / Reddit

Problem solved.

Trust the science.

Everyone knows that the future of spinach harvesting is on the blockchain.

All hustles lead back to Mcdonald’s.

It looks like bitcoin is dead again.

Accredited investors approve of this message.

The greatest comeback of all times.

The art of stealing digital art.

A blessing and a curse!

Source: u/Strict_Act / Reddit.

Artists hate him for revealing this secret.

The merge is coming, guys. It is.

Big facts.


That’s how it works.

Be careful out there…

Let’s not go here, please.

Talking about real issues…


Now let’s see how the other markets are doing…

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