Elon Musk teases how the new Twitter meeting will be with a marijuana meme

The eccentric billionaire and richest man on the planet, Elon Musk recently purchased a 9% stake in Twitter, making him the biggest individual shareholder of the company.

Following this event and he is already joking about what new changes are going to happen in the next board meetings.

Musk posted a meme yesterday of when he visited the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast while quoting it “Twitters next board meeting is gonna be lit”

Is it legal?

When they talked during the podcast UFC narrator and JRE host asked Musk if he wanted to smoke cannabis while making the remark that he probably could not smoke it “because of stockholders” then Musk asked if it was legal, to which Rogan complied “Totally legal” since the show was then held in California where cannabis is legal.

The host then continued by asking “How does that work? Do people get upset at you if you do certain things?” The answer to that question came very quickly as Tesla stocks took a deep dive the following days, it went down 9%, and closed on 6%.

It is not clear if the cannabis smoking scenario was the full cause of the stock incident because two of Tesla’s top executives jumped ship the day after the show aired, however, they both had previous situations where they decided not to stay in the company.

He later commented that it was “not wise”

Musk has previously made some tongue-in-cheek remarks about cannabis when he mentioned that he was taking Tesla private, the price of the stock would be $420 a share, a number that is a reference to marijuana usage.

After the show, he mentioned to the Space X employees that it was not wise to smoke cannabis in show the Space X employees too since the government contractor keeps a drug-free environment.

Musk has questioned Twitter’s content moderation criteria, mentioning and calling for a poll on the platform for the users, and confirming that the vote was to be taken seriously.

The edit button may be here sooner than expected

Now it seems that the long-awaited edit button is in the works, although the social media platform commented that it was in the making before Musk mentioned it.

Elon has a seat on Twitter’s board for at least until 2024, in the agreement it was stated that he could not purchase more than 14.9% of the company.

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