Lowell Farms Becomes Exclusive Distributor Of Zippo Products In California Cannabis Market

Lowell Farms Inc. LOWL LOWLF and iconic Pennsylvania-based lighter brand Zippo have entered into a non-binding letter of intent that will expand the presence and product selection of both companies in California’s licensed cannabis dispensaries.

The 18-month collaboration sees Lowell Farms serving as the exclusive distributor of Zippo products at dispensaries, processing and administering all orders from its Monterey County headquarters, and retaining exclusive rights to the Zippos name for all co-branded events and activations within the cannabis industry.

“Today, we have partnered with the lighter brand that stands above them all,” George Allen, Lowell Farms’ chairman of the board, said. “The brand that stood firm for soldiers’ troops in trenches around the globe, waved for an encore at Woodstock, and gave the world that iconic “click” that accompanies countless cinematic scenes throughout film history.”

As part of the agreement between the two companies, Lowell Farms and Zippo will collaborate on new lighter designs including customizable options for dispensary partners, and Zippo will debut an exclusive Lowell Farms-branded lighter within their cannabis channel portfolio.

“Throughout our history, we have always sought to work alongside industry innovators, and Lowell Farms has established themselves as a premier leader in cannabis,”said Mike DeLong, western regional sales manager for Zippo. “This collaboration will not only increase brand awareness in California, but it will allow us to create products geared specifically to this exciting new consumer segment.”

Photo: Courtesy of aaron boris on Unsplash

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