Stardust and Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society Make History with Nearly 400,000 NFTs Minted in under 17 Hours

By minting nearly 400k Series Zero Patch NFTs on Polygon at unprecedented scale and speed, Stardust ecosystem sets blistering pace of ~25k NFTs per hour

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stardust, a seamless solution for game developers integrating NFTs into their immersive games, and Midnight Society, the new game studio launched by Twitch streaming legend Dr Disrespect, today announced that they minted nearly 400,000 of their Claw Series 0 Patch NFTs in under 17 hours, a record-setting achievement made possible by Stardust’s industry-leading technology.

“Stardust is built to bring the utility of tokenized assets at scale to the world of gaming in a manner that is both cost-effective and volume ready,” said Stardust CEO, Canaan Linder. “Minting 25k NFTs per hour is a staggering pace that not only proves the efficacy and scalability of our technology, but also our team’s innovation, market-responsiveness, and ability to support our customer’s needs.”

The next mint of NFTs for Midnight Society, for which 400k applications have already been submitted, is for a chance to purchase the Founders Access Pass. Committed to building a unique, gamer-first community, only 10,000 people will have the opportunity to mint a Founders Access Pass NFT.

“We have a massive vision for how games are going to be built in the future, bringing players into the fold in ways that have never been done before while keeping core gameplay loops off the blockchain,” said Midnight Society Co-Founder and Creative Director, Quinn DelHoyo. “This hybrid approach required every feature that Stardust’s solution offers and the flexibility to give our players the choice on if, when, and how they interact with the NFTs in our community. It’s this freedom of choice that allows us to get the benefits Web3 has to offer while also leveraging the successful gaming models of the past in unison.”

Founders Pass NFTs do not provide any in-game benefits and yet are an exceptionally hot commodity. Among the most notable perks for players is access to early game builds before they are publicly playable, and dev roundtables during which they can weigh in on aspects of the game while it is being developed. In this way, Midnight Society is rewarding their community with a truly exclusive experience. In addition, each NFT will be an individual entity that players own and can sell on open marketplaces.

While many people mistakenly associate NFTs as only a means of monetization, Midnight Society is leveraging them to foster an engaged community whose members contribute their input and opinions, supporting the game’s launch and evolution. Midnight Society is proactively taking steps to weed out individuals whose sole intention is to profit from NFT flipping.

“From day one, both teams knew this project was destined for success by virtue of our companies’ shared commitment to a community-first approach,” said Stardust COO, Atif Khan. “For Stardust, partnering with some of the industry’s foremost purists aligns with our mission to ensure that the addition of NFTs into games enhance the player experience while maintaining a truly authentic experience.”

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Stardust powers the metaverse by making it possible for game developers to enable NFTs in their games with a blockchain-free API.  Enabling game developers to build on blockchain via their effortless back-end solution, Stardust provides a seamless ecosystem for game publishers to build and scale metaverse-ready games. From a growing list of blockchain options to provisioned player-wallets using Fireblocks and a built-in NFT marketplace, Stardust is paving the path for the play-to-earn revolution.  
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Midnight Society is a new kind of AAA game studio and publishing model over a decade in the making. We turn the tables upside down by including our Day Zero community and professional gamers much earlier in the development process. We are a group of ambitious game industry veterans who see a future in which developers no longer create experiences in a vacuum and players share in a game’s success.
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