Ukrainian Influencer Alex Tillen Burns $35k Putin NFT To

Kiev, Ukraine, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alex Tillen popularly known as Aletinsky, is a Ukrainian influencer who recently broke the online space following the release of a post on YouTube where he was seen burning a Putin NFT digital art piece worth $35k. The move is particularly laudable as the influencer used the act to reach out to the victims of the war in Ukraine, raising funds and donating them to alleviate the suffering of millions of people in the war-torn country.

Ukrainian Influencer Alex Tillen Burns $35k Putin NFT To Support Victims Of the War

The War In Ukraine

The Ukrainian war has led to the devastation of lives and properties, leaving millions of people homeless and thousands of other dead. The unfortunate situation has caught the attention of well-meaning individuals as well as corporate bodies and charitable organizations. It has not been particularly different for stakeholders in the digital space, with the move by Aletinsky further substantiating this claim and bringing to bear the need for more people from all walks of life to contribute to putting an end to the war and support innocent lives affected by the crisis.

Burning of The Must-have Meta Stellar NFT

It takes a lot of guts and determination to burn a valuable asset and even more daring if it is a cherished one like the Meta Stellar NFT. Consequently, the action of Aletinsky to not only burn the Putin NFT but also use it as a fundraiser for war victims is particularly laudable. Prior to the action, the NFT was on the presale of an upcoming collection named Meta Stellar, with its second market price going all the way to 11ETH or $35K. However, with the deleted NFT is not visible anymore on the collection page following the decision of Aletinsky, as burnt NFTs cannot be restored and become valueless.

Aletinsky might have made history in the NFT space at the time of burning the art piece as this was the highest value NFT that was ever burnt. It is also a symbolic action, as Putin was exiled and imprisoned on the blockchain forever by Alex representing Ukrainians and showing their plight to the world. According to Aletinsky, the complete destruction of the 35k worth NFT and subsequent removal of Putin from the 10,000 most powerful peoples’ list symbolizes his feelings towards all the horrible things that Putin has done in his country.

The video of Aletinsky burning the NFT to his 4.5 million followers was done to reach the whole NFT world and raise funds for the Ukrainian people.

Support for The Victims of the Ukrainian War By The Crypto Space

The Ukrainian government in collaboration with an NGO providing support to the military have raised $133 million from over 120,000 crypto asset donations since the start of the Russian invasion. This includes a $5.8 million donation by Polkadot founder, Gavin Wood. The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, also made $5 million worth of ETH donations to Ukraine in early April. According to the entity, despite the large donation sum, Buterin did not make an announcement regarding the transaction. It was eventually linked to him via the Ethereum Name Service domain name “vitalik.eth,” which served as the origin of the transfer.

Crypto donations have been utilized by the Ukrainian government to raise funds for everything from the purchase of body armor to acquiring medical supplies. The nation sold about $770,000 of what it refers to as its museum NFTs, which debuted last week, showing scenes from the war, according to Alex Bornyakov, deputy minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The museum NFT sale could conclude as early as this week once digital art sales hit $1 million.

“Meanwhile, another pledged donation will be used to help refugees. Within a few weeks, about 66,000 Ukrainians will get a digital wallet with $300 of crypto, thanks to a $20 million donation gathered by the Stellar Development Foundation,” Bornyakov said. “People with children and low-income residents will get priority and the wallets can be used in MoneyGram locations.”


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