Seth Rogen’s Cannabis Brand That Sells Itself: From Lego-Like Packaging To Social Justice

Seth Rogen‘s cannabis brand Houseplant recently redesigned its product packaging to resemble Lego bricks.

The collaboration between MA-MA, a multidisciplinary design studio based in New York City, and international architecture and design firm Pràctica resulted in stackable containers designed to be reused over time, reported The Growth Op.

Available in three colors corresponding to the different strains of cannabis they contain, the redesigned cannabis product packaging is simple, with the collectible cannabis jars and cases for pre-rolled joints made from tin and wrapped in cardstock paper.

“We wanted to leverage Houseplant’s playful identity and design something that could be collected and reused over time, Javier Arizu, co-founder of Pràctica, said.

“The idea is that you can try all of the strains and display their containers together in a punchy way,” Arizu told Dezeen.

Rogen’s Cannabis Venture

Interestingly, repurposing was one of the reasons — besides cannabis — why Rogen opted to venture into the industry.

“As someone who smokes a lot of weed, I started collecting vintage ashtrays and lighters and table lighters and things like that, things that were from an era where smoking was not stigmatized in the way that it became because they were made for cigarettes,” Rogen said in a recent interview with The Guardian.

“I started collecting them, and then we started conceiving of how we could maybe create our own, newer versions of the types of things that I was kind of repurposing, things specifically made for people with my lifestyle,” he said.

Known for being an actor, a writer, a producer, and a cannabis entrepreneur, Rogen joined forces with Evan Goldberg and co-founded Houseplant in April 2019 in partnership with cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corp CGC.

Houseplant In The US

Since then, Houseplant has taken the cannabis market by storm. In March 2021, the brand concurrently launched both the house and plant side in the U.S. In just four months, both sides of business independently became seven-figure endeavors and were soon shipping products to all 50 states.

“We are thrilled to launch in the U.S., bringing cannabis products to our fellow Californians and an original line of Housegoods to consumers nationwide,” Michael Mohr, Houseplant’s co-founder and CEO, told Benzinga.

In the meantime, Houseplant terminated its partnership with Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth last year. Mohr said the time was “right for us to focus on Houseplant independently.”

The company took the experience of working with Canopy in Canada for a few years as well as earnings and applied them to the California market. The first hybrid strain from Houseplant, dubbed Bomb Cyclone, hit shelves in the Golden State in late July.

Rogen said Houseplant’s business move was “not an exit from the Canadian market, but a chance for us to evolve the brand” since the company intends to relaunch in the country with products similar to its U.S. offerings.

Besides cannabis products, Houseplant sells cannabis home goods accessories, from ashtrays to table lighters.

Cannabis & Rogen’s Social Stance

With every new innovation, Rogen is looking to create more brand recognition and identity.

In the race of brand building, Rogen and Houseplant also support law reform organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, founded in 1995, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which use their local and federal lobbying efforts to push through the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis use in the country.

“I think weed is a political thing in America right now, and if you pretend it’s not, that is a political stance where you are taking the position of denying reality and ignoring the actual political climate that we live in right now and we do not want to do that,” Rogen said.

He is not “afraid that we will lose our customers for speaking our mind and for being true to what we believe. “

Photo: Courtesy of Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile – Collision Conf from Toronto, Canada – Flickr  via Wikimedia Commons

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