Insa Cannabis Offers VR ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Experience To 4/20 Shoppers

Insa announced its plans for their annual April 20 in-store events. This year, they’re doubling up – hosting a 4/20 celebration in this reality and in virtual reality.

Insa is inviting its customers to step into the virtual reality of cannabis wonders.

At its Massachusetts retail locations in Salem, Easthampton and both stores in Springfield, consumers can step into a completely virtual world. The immersive experience puts the power into consumers’ hands through an oculus headset that will be displayed at each location for people to be transported and explore a first-of-its-kind virtual reality tour.

A “Choose Your Own Adventure” immersive experience will give customers a behind-the-scenes look at cannabis cultivation, Insa’s lab and kitchen where the culinary team handcrafts their award-winning edibles. Anyone who wants to learn more about the cannabis industry will be thrilled to see firsthand how Insa grows its high-quality cannabis and creates decadent confections.

Insa’s 4/20 celebration isn’t all virtual, however. What would a 4/20 celebration be without, well, cannabis? Back in the real world at Insa’s Salem and West Columbus Avenue location in Springfield, local food trucks will be serving snacks. Consumers at all locations will get free swag, fun surprises and deals on Insa cannabis.

“Every year for 4/20 we try and push ourselves to put on an exciting event to wow our current customers and educate consumers less familiar with cannabis. This year I think we’ve really outdone ourselves and I hope that our customers will agree,” said Peter Gallagher, Insa’s co-founder. “We are excited to welcome people as they take a peek behind the Insa curtain and get a better understanding of the cannabis industry and how Insa’s products come to life.”

This year’s 4/20 event is a follow-up to last year’s “Insa-nity Circus,” as well as its immersive Haunted Harvest Halloween event at their Salem location, which was named by AdWeek as one of the Top 5 Cannabis Marketing Moves of 2021.

Customers can step into this VR Experience at Insa’s adult-use and medical-use retail locations in Springfield, Salem and Easthampton on 4/20.

Photo: Courtesy of Remy Gieling on Unsplash

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