Punk6529 Takes NFT Art to a New Level with OM Launch in the Metaverse

With interest in NFTs and the metaverse accelerating at a supersonic rate, even Christie’s and Sotheby’s entered the space with conviction.

It is, therefore, of little surprise to see NFT enthusiasts launch  NFT projects in the metaverse.

Punk6529 Hits the Museum District with an Arts NFT Exhibition

Overnight, Punk6529 took to Twitter to unveil OM, an open metaverse project that aims to hand control to the community.

An impressive video highlights the Museum District and the available spaces.

Punk6529 tweeted,

“This is the alpha version of the first district (the “6529 Museum District”) of the first city (“Genesis City”) of OM.”

Punk6529 then sends a series of tweets to describe OM and outline the goal of OM.

“The goal is a decentralized open metaverse that can scale to 100,000,000 people. 10 cities of 10M each, each within hundreds of districts, with towns, villages, and nature in between.”

Punk6529 goes on further to tweet,

“My dream world is 5,000 self-governing districts in 10 self-governing cities in one self-governing world.”

In the ethos of decentralization, Punk6529 added,

“I do not want your ETH, I want your input on how to design OM. I collect in public, I invest in public and we are going to build OM in public together.”

In total, 33 tweets laid out the foundations of OM.

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