Slash Launches NFT Monetization Platform Accessible for Everyone

The first Web3 platform without coding or crypto skills required

SINGAPORE, April 14, 2022 / — Singapore-based company, Slash (“Slash”, “the Company”) is launching an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform – today that will allow anyone to create and trade NFTs, build up personal land for photos or videos, and offer subscriptions with cryptocurrencies. The Company believes it has potential to significantly increase revenue for all content creators. By breaking down all tech barriers, Slash is democratizing the world of NFTs and making it possible for anyone to create and trade digital assets.

NFTs are digital assets stored on a blockchain, powered by the same technology supporting cryptocurrency. NFTs have been gaining in popularity as the way to collect, own and trade digital assets, from art and music to in-game items and even virtual real estate.

However, NFTs can be difficult for newcomers to create and manage, as it requires a working knowledge of cryptocurrency and skills of coding. Slash aims to make NFTs more accessible to everyone, providing users with the ability to mint their own NFTs without any crypto or coding skills. Users don’t need to have a crypto wallet to launch their own NFT collection and can choose to receive fiat currency as payment according to their preference. Meanwhile, Slash offers a set of additional services to facilitate users to promote and sell their NFTs. In addition, Slash actively shares information at SLASH DAO and organizes a series of online seminars to discuss and decode NFTs and Web3.

The launch of Slash comes when the use of cryptocurrency is on the rise in Asia. According to a recent report by PwC, the number of people using cryptocurrency in Asia has doubled in the past year, with nearly half of those surveyed considering using it in the future. With its strong focus on the Asian markets, Slash is well-positioned to ride on this growing trend.

In 2021, Slash’s founder and CEO Alvin Li started the Company in Singapore and set the goal to

create a seamless transition for all from Web2 to Web3 so users can easily mint and sell their creative works as NFTs. Li is a veteran in the technology industry and successfully caught opportunities with each new trend. In 2011, Li incubated Fliggy at Alibaba, one of China’s most well-known travel booking platforms. In 2013, Li incubated Meituan Delivery Business at Meituan, one of the largest food delivery companies in the world. Li has extensive industry experiences and resources in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Malaysia.

“The company’s vision is to break down the current technical barriers in the market so that everyone can have their own NFTs brand and enter Web3 easily. The idea behind is to help content creators, including freelancers or slashies, monetize their own creative ideas. Web3 is currently at a starting point, but I believe it will develop rapidly in the next few years. Slash will become a bridge connecting Web2 and Web3, with the aim to provide all users the opportunity to participate in the world of Web3 and NFTs and the ability to monetize in the new world as soon as possible,” Alvin Li, founder and CEO, Slash, stated.

About Slash

Slash is built by a Singapore-based company WORKTOGETHER PTE. LTD, which provides NFT monetization services for content creators. The brand concept originates from Slash Generation or slashie. Slashie refers to people who pursue multiple careers and the freedom of having more options instead of holding a traditional full-time job. Slash is also a symbol of Gen Z.


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