NeonMind To Launch 10 Mental Health Clinics In Canada, How Will Patients Benefit?

NeonMind Biosciences Inc. NEON NMDBF (FRA:6UF) plans to launch 10 specialty mental health clinics over the next 3 years through alliances with SRx Health Solutions and BioScript Solutions, leading Canadian specialty healthcare services and medical treatment providers.

“With very little upfront costs for each location, we expect to be able to open NeonMind clinics in at least 10 new communities over the next few years and are pleased to offer this referral service to medical doctors and their patients who recognize the benefits of IV-Ket and neurostimulation but are not set up to deliver the treatments in their own clinics,” said Rob Tessarolo, President & CEO of NeonMind Biosciences.

NeonMind plans to launch its first treatment location this summer in Mississauga, Ontario in 2022. Its innovative business model allows it to launch each location with substantial savings in launch costs by launching within an existing clinic location.

The company’s inaugural specialty mental health clinic will be located at 89 Queensway West, Suite 604.

The alliances mean NeonMind can avoid high leasehold improvements and overhead and is able to share costs on medical staffing.

“By partnering with SRx Health Solutions and BioScript, we can leverage their established clinic network and operational excellence in specialty medical treatments to introduce our mental health treatments in an expedient and capital efficient manner and importantly, working with an infrastructure that enables scaling,” Tessarolo added.

What Will NeonMind Clinics Offer?

Initially NeonMind clinics will offer IV-Ket, a validated treatment that was recently added to the Canadian guidelines.

IV-Ket requires a licensed clinic setup and a team of specially trained healthcare professionals which most medical clinics cannot achieve and therefore are not able to provide this treatment.

NeonMind is closing the treatment gap by offering medical doctors a trusted referral partner for their patients to get access to IV-Ket.

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