501 Alchemist Metaverse Sneaker NFT Project Release Info

Created in 2016 by Swedish NGO IM, Humanium Metal is an innovation that turns illegal firearms into commercial products. Since its founding, 12,000 weapons have been reimagined, turned into pens, watches, and even pieces of art. Together with the team of artists at Maverick and sneaker designer Tuan Le — the latter of which is responsible for the Reebok Freestyle, AND1 Tai Chi, Mizuno Wave Rider, and more — the European outfit have created 501 Alchemist, an NFT project that aims to further break the cycle of gun violence.

501 Alchemist aids Humanium Metal’s core mission, helping foster the movement and further remove guns off the streets. And thanks to some help from Nifty Gateway, the income generated from the launch will be reinvested into communities affected by gun violence.

The metaverse sneaker itself, one of a kind not only for its purpose but also its design, draws inspiration from ancient alchemy. Broken into three tiers — Terra, Aer, and Igni — the drop will feature a series of bespoke, ultra-rare digital collectibles, whose general look is akin to a high-top of the future. Following mint, holders will receive digitally wearable versions of their NFT, which can be equipped by metaverse avatars. Down the road, there will also be access to exclusive IRL/Digital events as well as AR and physical iterations of the shoes.

For access to the project’s roadmap and FAQ, head over to 501alchemist.com. The Genesis Drop is slated to release on April 13th at 6:30 PM via Nifty Gateway.

501 Alchemist NFT Project
Genesis Drop: April 13th, 2022 (6:30 PM)
Terra: $350
Aer: $1950
Igni: 1/1 Auction

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