NFT News: DraftKings Marketplace Trends for the Week of April 4 to April 8

DraftKings official NFTs dropped last month in line with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament called “Tourney Toons,” and the secondary market was on fire, with an increase of 28% in transactions and a 61% increase in price on the seven-day moving average for the entire month of March. Dating back to Jan. 1, transactions increased 69%, and the price is up 34% on the seven-day moving averages to close out the quarter.

The Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club kicked off the major season on the PGA TOUR this week, and Tiger Woods is competing in his first tournament just a year and a half after his brutal car accident. According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2022 is the year of the Tiger. How fitting. Autograph allows holders with a Preseason Access Pass first access to the Tiger Woods’ Mystery Container to commemorate his return. Also, DraftKings just dropped the 2022 Augusta, GA Golf Collection, which is one of many official NFT collections created by DraftKings as part of our new program – the DraftKings Primetime NFT Series. This collection was created to commemorate the first major golf tournament of 2022 and will feature several collectible drops.

If you’ve been following sports-related NFTs, you may think it’s the year of the GOAT instead of the Tiger. Autograph recently dropped Tom Brady’s Greatest of All Time from the Man in The Arena Collection. Here’s a list of the top-10 sales on DraftKings Marketplace, which feature two athletes:

Top-10 Sales on DraftKings Marketplace

Rank NFT Sale Price
Rank NFT Sale Price
1 Tiger Woods Ruby Signed $30,000
2 Tom Brady Ruby Signed $30,000
3 Tom Brady Ruby Signed Immortal Statue $25,000
4 Tom Brady Sapphire Signed $21,500
5 Tom Brady Ruby Signed Immortal Statue $20,000
6 Tom Brady Ruby Signed Immortal Statue $19,999
7 Tomy Brady Sapphire Signed $18,900
8 Tomy Brady Sapphire Signed $17,000
9 Tiger Woods Sapphire Signed $15,000
10 Tom Brady Emerald Signed $14,700

All of these transactions happened this year.

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