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Organic mutations or evolutions typically occur over a long period of time; however, once the portals appeared, the mutations became subsequently inorganic. The instantaneous changes in the population on Aranos caused widespread panic. Nobody knew who placed the portals there, or what purposes they served— they only knew that these trans-dimensional doors were the gateway into unknown worlds filled with dangerous creatures and highly advanced technology.

World order crumbled at the hands of the humans. Peace and love were words long forgotten and replaced by seething disdain. Humanity was on an inevitable path toward extinction. As battles broke out within every corner of Aranos, military invasions began to threaten the esteemed land and sustainability of precious natural-resources. Their uniforms were stained with the blood of the people they once swore to protect. As they killed – they pillaged through the very existence of reality.

Among the chaos, two young refugees survived the military invasion that killed their parents and childhood friends. According to the prophecy of the Hidden Oracle, Roy and Lana escaped only because Death spelled their names wrong. As the two teens mourned the loss of their friends and family, they survived by pickpocketing and thieving in the slums of a nearby city. One day, they came upon Keto, the victim of a gang attack. As Roy fought off the attackers and helped the Keto to safety, something extraordinary happened— every cell in his body became electrically charged to emit the same energy found around the portals.

Little did he know that the Keto he saved was actually a legend— a hero by name, forgotten by age. Although he no longer possessed his legendary abilities, he had all the means to teach the young Human. He saw a great potential in the teen, one that could ultimately break the universe or save it.

Soon, Roy began to learn to harness his newfound abilities. But as word spread of his advancing mutations, mysterious figures sought to acquire his powers for their own wicked purposes.

The cogs of destiny have been set in motion, will they manifest into ravenous chaos or become valiantly reclaimed into a utopian existence?

Shinsekai  Price:

0.15 :eth: /10,000

1). 8000 NFTs Portal List Mint – 6 hours (4,500 people on this list)

2). 1000 NFTs ReserveCorp Mint (Not a guaranteed mint)

3). 1000 NFTs Public (Not a guaranteed mint) – Until sell out

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