Mango enters the metaverse with NFTs and artwork

The artworks will be on display for a month in the Museum District of Decentraland, the metaverse platform hosting Metaverse Fashion Week, and NFT marketplace OpenSea, but will not go on sale and instead will become part of the company’s archive.

A digital wearable of the brand’s Lupi dress will also be stored in the company’s archives as a historical document of its first venture in the metaverse.

Two NFT t-shirt designs commemorating the first Metaverse Fashion Week, one for men and one for women, will be used as giveaways for attendees to its virtual space on Decentraland. A total of 49 will be given away with one t-shirt kept in the Mango archives.

The Spanish retailer partnered with Argentine-Hungarian crypto artist Farkas to create the NFT artworks and the recreation of its Lupi dress.

Jordi Álex, director of technology, data, privacy and security at Mango, said: “Mango’s development in the metaverse environment is yet another example of the company’s innovative character and its strategy based on constant innovation. We have created a specific team dedicated to the development of digital content, where new professionals will be joining in the coming months, in order to develop new projects in the future that will allow us to add the virtual environment to the digital and physical environments in our channel ecosystem.”



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