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The Token Of Appreciation Cryptocurrency Exchange (TOAX) and NFT Marketplace were designed to help charities, non-profits and foundations take past, present and future projects in their communities and turn them into one of a kind NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) that can be used to educate their community and raise money.

SAN DIEGO, March 25, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — TOAX, the Token of Appreciation Exchange, created by Steven Moran, a successful Serial Entrepreneur for over 40 years and Douglas Yates, an accomplished IT Innovator, is a project with quite the back-story, that focuses on “crypto with a purpose” and which has evolved considerably over the past year to include unique and rare, revenue-producing NFTs.

Kens Coin: WHEELS (BEP-20 token) was created in memory of Moran’s younger brother, Ken Moran who died from Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy after spending 23 years on a ventilator. 70% of the proceeds from WHEELS tokens will go to help families that have children with special needs. Learn more about Kens Coin at http://www.kenscoin.io

Moran went on to say, TOAX is not only a project to help foundations and non-profits, but a way for experienced and newbie crypto enthusiasts, alike, to benefit from NFTs that actually produce a steady revenue stream for the owner of a TOAX NFT (BEP-721 token).

Each of the 10,000 Token of Appreciation Exchange TOAX NFT (BEP-721 token) is a unique 3D image with its own built in rarity. Each NFT comes with 2022, WHEELS (BEP-20 tokens) which are secured by a smart contract promissory note that guarantees each NFT will equally share two percent (2%) profit from the TOAX Exchange and NFT Marketplace.

Eleven hundred and eleven (1,111) or 11.11% are Bonus NFT’s that will be visually identifiable by a gold wheelchair. Each Bonus NFT will share an additional five percent (5%) of the profits from both, TOAX Exchange and NFT Marketplace!

TOAX sold 1,428 TOAX NFT’s, each for three BNB (BEP-20) tokens, during a pre-sale that ran from mid-December, 2021 through early-March, 2022, with no advertising, only through word of mouth.

View the TOAX Contract: https://bscscan.com/

According to Moran, coinciding with the printing of this press release, and before the TOAX NFT Marketplace goes live, TOAX plans to release an additional 2,000 TOAX NFT’s (BEP-721 tokens) for sale at a price of four BNB (BSC Network) on Binance Smart Chain, and are available at http://www.toax.io.

The balance of 6,572 TOAX NFT’s will be available on the TOAX NFT Marketplace starting price five BNB (BEP-20 tokens). About Token of Appreciation (TOAX) Exchange and NFT Marketplace According to Moran, “we’ve elegantly integrated existing technologies to bring order to chaos. This allows charities, non-profits and foundations too plug in to our existing ecosystem and transform their communities into economies! We’re looking to disrupt the $450 billion charitable giving industry.”

To learn more visit http://www.toax.io.

To interview Steven Moran, contact Diana Cortes at 858-222-7868

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Steven Moran, Ken Moran Charitable Trust, 1 8482227868, support@kenscoin.io


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