Allied Copr. Files For Full Psilocybin Patent For Psilonex To Treat CNS Disorders

Allied Corp.  (OTCQB:ALID) has successfully filed for a full patent regarding “Dosing regimes of pharmacutical and nutraceutical mushroom and cannabis compositions and their use to treat CNS disorders and improve mentall health.”

Due to the time stamp of the previous filing of Allied’s provisional patent No. 63/160,235, filed March 12, 2021, Allied now claims priority with regards to the patent claims made in front of any other company that may have filed after that date.

Described in the patent submission are the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compositions of both cannabis and functional mushroom compositions that claim to improve mental health conditions when administered in the disclosed, distinct daily dosing regimen. These specific compositions and formulations are contained in Allied’s trademarked product Psilonex.

The patent also describes the entourage effect of both the specific psilocybin treatment period followed by a cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis derivative compound. The invention in the patent discloses functional mushroom and cannabis formulations that claim a synergistic, entourage enhancement between the cannabis and functional mushroom combinations. This also includes combinations of tryptamines and other active agents which are useful for treating central nervous system and mental health disorders.

“We have anecdotal evidence from patients that have utilized micro dosed psilocybin as effective treatment modalities,” Jim Smeeding, VP of Pharma Development at Allied stated. “We now want to establish strong scientific evidence of the safety and efficacy of this approach. Allied, since its inception has worked with the veteran and first responder communities with its cannabinoid products. The addition of Psilonex as a complementary therapy continues our efforts to accelerate treatment options as this population continues to suffer. Allied is focused on ameliorating these conditions. With large patient communities awaiting our studies, patient recruitment for clinical research is easily achieved. With the acquisition of Pacific Sun Fungi in 2020, Allied has increased its focus on effective and unique formulations that we believe offers significant improvement in many mental health conditions.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nathan Karsgaard on Unsplash

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