Versal NFT to become a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based project offering NFT copyright license governed by regulation.

VersalNFT is a blockchain-based virtual legal space.

MOSCOW, Россия, March 11, 2022 / — Nowadays almost everyone knows what NFT is and how to apply it, especially in the art world. But what not everyone is aware of is how widely applicable in many different fields NFTs are.
One such use case could be copyright. There is a growing interest in NFTs from a copyright perspective since a lot of the artworks that are being traded as NFTs are protected by copyright, while there is also a lack of clarity about what it is exactly you get when you buy an NFT.

VersalNFT offers unique to the market services, embedding NFTs into the legal system as set forth by the regulators of Dubai and in compliance with the English law, and not every project can provide that. The VersalNFT concept was developed by international lawyers and is currently being developed and finalized by world-class experts.
The company’s service provides the community with a connection between the crypto space and legal standards in the real world by using blockchain technology. What it means is that your documents are not only stored safely in the blockchain system but are also protected under the law by the best lawyers. The issuance of copyright certificates will also be carried out by the company both in the form of an NFT token and in the form of a document governed by the regulator.

What is VersalNFT?

VersalNFT is a blockchain-based virtual legal space that contains a multi-user interface for creating, storing, and managing data. The priority for the VersalNFT team is to protect the legal and financial interests of its users, which will allow you to carry out activities in various areas of business and digital art, relying on universally recognized global standards of electronic signatures and copyright registration.

A first-of-its-kind solution.

VersalNFT introduces multiple tools to facilitate, speed up, reduce costs for both private and corporate users—VersalNFT Sign (VERs), VersalNFT Document (VERd), VersalNFT Copyright registration (VERc), and VersalNFT ART (VERa). These are the instruments that allow users to create a personal virtual signature in NFT, convert documents to NFTs, and confirm the registration of copyright for NFT. Their combined application will create a multifunctional blockchain-based virtual legal space that can satisfy the needs of many people around the world.

VersalNFT Announces the Launch of its Upcoming IDO on the 23rd of March.

With only a few days left, users are encouraged to dive in and participate in the project’s initial DEX offering (IDO), an event that will kick off the project’s listing on major exchanges!

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