Ukrainian Media Companies Launch Joint Fundraiser with NFT creator platform VAULT to Help Fund Reporting on Russian Invasion

KYIV, Ukraine–()–Three leading Ukrainian media companies, Ukrainska Pravda, Novoye Vremya, and Hromadske, have partnered with NFT platform VAULT to sell 10,000 NFT keys in an effort to help fund the publications’ ongoing efforts to deliver reporting on the Russian invasion to Eastern European and English-language audiences.

The keys, which cost $99.99 each, can be used to unlock a digital vault of content curated from the publications’ English-language coverage. The vault — Keys for Kyiv: Support Ukrainian Media — will provide access to content curated from across the publications’ teams of journalists and photographers, including photos, videos, links to stories, and recommended readings.

“Analytics shows that in the first days of war, Ukrayinska Pravda was the second most popular website in Ukraine after Google. About 8 million people around the world read us every day. We feel our responsibility to inform the world about the current situation in Ukraine truthfully and in time,” said Sevgil Musayeva, Editor-in-Chief of Ukrainska Pravda. “We rejoice when we publish stories that reassure and encourage people, we mourn when we write about losses.”

In order to support the publications, supporters can buy a key to unlock the vault. Crypto-savvy supporters can buy a key with Solana directly from the VAULT website by connecting a Phantom wallet, the native wallet on the Solana blockchain. Supporters can also purchase a key directly from the VAULT mobile app using Apple Pay.

The proceeds from key sales directly support the media organizations and their efforts to sustain their reporting and operations in Ukraine and beyond. If all 10,000 are sold, nearly $1 million dollars will be raised in support of the publications’ efforts.

“Freedom of speech and a free press are the bedrock of democratic society. In the case of Ukrainska Pravda, Novoye Vremya, and Hromadske, the work their journalists are doing at the moment is awe-inspiring, particularly when you consider the unbelievable pressure and stress they must be under,” said Nigel Eccles, CEO and co-founder of VAULT. “We built VAULT first and foremost to support creators, and I can think of no better way to serve that mission than by activating our platform and our community in full support of these organizations’ efforts to fight the information war in Ukraine.”

To lend your support and learn more about the fundraiser, please visit:

For more information about Ukrainska Pravda, Novoye Vremya, and Hromadske, please visit their English-language websites below:

● Ukrainska Pravda: website

● Novoye Vremya: website

● Hromadske: Twitter


VAULT is a creator platform that uses the power of web3 to unlock the next generation of fan experiences. Built on the Solana blockchain, VAULT allows creators to curate a vault of content — music, videos, photos, messages, VIP invitations, and more — that can only be unlocked by the holders of a key. The twist? The keys are fully tradable NFTs.

VAULT’s co-founders grew their previous company, the fantasy sport platform FanDuel, into a billion dollar business by understanding the power of engaged communities. Now, they are bringing the same focus to revolutionize the relationship between creators and their fans.

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