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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tainan’s Pufa Daoji Temple (普法道濟寺) has issued Taiwan’s first Taoist deity-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), “Jigong NFTs” (“濟公NFTs“), promoting them as bringing good fortune to purchasers.

The temple says the NFTs are being minted in celebration of Ji Gong’s birthday and to carry forward his unwavering goal of bringing peace, human happiness and sustainability to the world.

Ji Gong was a deified monk who lived during the Song dynasty. He was kicked out of temples due to his habit of flouting monastery rules, such as abstention from eating meat and drinking alcohol.

After some time on the road, however, and with the guidance of great masters, legend has it he developed special thaumaturgical abilities which he used to heal the sick. This won him the adoration of the people, many of whom believed he was an incarnation of a Buddhist arhant, or enlightened person.

The NFTs are minted by Taiwan’s Chinsoft Co. (晉碩) in association with the temple.

On the eve of Jan. 29, with temple Chairman Chuang Yung-Chang (莊永長) as a witness, Chinsoft’s founder Hsu Chin-Yu (許晉瑜) sought approval from Ji Gong for the project. The deity responded positively after questions were proposed via “jiaobei” (or poe divination, whereby wooden blocks are thrown on the ground).

The temple held a press conference on Feb. 27 to announce the launch of the NFTs. That same day, they became available for bidding and purchase on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform.

A single Gold NFT and eight Silver NFTs will be sold to OpenSea users via auction. An additional 888 Bronze semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) will also be provided at set prices.

For more information, visit Pufa Daoji Temple’s website for the NFT project.

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