Does Perfect Weed Exist? Meet One Company Focusing On Consistency In Cannabis

Consumers searching for a combination of cannabis attributes that fit their specific needs and tastes may end up spending a lot of time, energy and money before finding the precise balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other full-spectrum constituents that is just right for them. Once they’ve landed on the ideal blend, however, repeat purchases may not be consistent and ultimately disappointing and alienating for the customer.

This is why California-based cannabis brand Perfect is rising in popularity by bridging the gap between simplicity and science, offering a minimal yet comprehensive product line with an exhaustive educational component available on its website. 

Consistency Matters 

The founders of Perfect recognized that most brands pay little attention to how much their product changes by the time the end user removes it from the package.

Perfect co-founder Michael Backes, author of the “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana,” ran a Los-Angeles based dispensary and a cutting-edge breeding program for several years in the Prop 215 era. As an outspoken advocate for the power and preservation of terpenes, Backes says that after just 45 days on the shelf at a retail dispensary, whole cannabis flower known to test with high levels of Myrcene, for example, will see up to a 50% evaporation of that once-dominant terpene.

From a consumer perspective, if that strain provided the desired effect, as he or she returned to stock up each week, the product and the experience would change as the terpene degraded. To compensate for this, Perfect uses high-end cannabis concentrates and extracts like live resin that start with “fresh frozen material.” By flash freezing the trichomes right after harvest, at their peak efficacy, the changes in terpene quality can be virtually eliminated. 

The Importance Of Cannabis Testing 

Perfect relies on test results from industry partners, not only for compliance purposes but for non-mandated in-house research and development as it continually aims to keep the moving target of consistency in its sights.

Blends are not crafted with the intent of producing the most potent pre-roll or dried flower product on the market. Instead, Backes and his partners at Perfect are attempting to consistently emulate the naturally balanced spectrum of terpenes that a desirable cultivar expresses at harvest. There can be differences between two plants of the same strain from the same farm, but just as much disparity can occur from node to node, and bud to bud on each individual plant.

At Perfect, harvested fresh frozen flowers must be lab tested for both cannabinoid and terpene content, then a portion of the same crop is harvested and dried/cured more traditionally. More R&D testing is done to log the new terp and cannabinoid content and to determine how much of a deficiency there is between the two batches. That gap is then filled with a precise supplement of both THCA and full-spectrum live resin, a highly concentrated hydrocarbon extraction derived from the same (or very similar) flowers/buds used to create the rest of the Perfect product line.

Perfect has delivered impressive lab test results to back up its claims, not necessarily the overall potency or purity that the product displays, which certainly matters, but on the consistency that Perfect is able to deliver, dose after dose.


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