The Great Reset gathers biggest projects on FTM for cyberpunk NFT collection

TheGreatReset.Finance has brought the biggest projects on the Fantom network together for a cyberpunk community nonfungible token (NFT) collection, Bankless Times learned from a press release first published on CoinTelegraph.

Proceeds donated to charity

The new collection will feature a combination of protocol- and cyberpunk-based attributes. All of the funds accumulated will be donated to charities.

There are five Omega, 450 Gold, 15 Obsidian, and 2000 Silver tiers with a total of 2,470 NFTs. Each tier offers rewards in the metaverse as well as in real life.

More than half of those will be airdropped to the addresses with the highest total value locked (TVL) next week. The biggest stakers in each project will get NFTs with that project’s features. 1,100 NFTs will be reserved for sale. The rest will be distributed.

DApps to deposit to

You can deposit to the following decentralized apps:

Revenant — Revenant’s first achievement was helping to stabilize Fantom USD (FUSD) by creating an interest-bearing version (iFUSD). Liquidity in the HTZ and IFUSD trading pair will count for the airdrop.

SpiritSwap — The top decentralized exchange (DEX) on Fantom. Liquidity providers for the Hertz Network (HTZ) and Fantom (FTM) pair qualify for the airdrop.

Tarot — A leading lending protocol. FTM and Tarot trading-pair liquidity providers will qualify for the airdrop.

Rarest dropped to top liquidity provider

The Rarest NFT will be airdropped to the top liquidity provider for the HTZ and Avalanche pair on Pangolin.Exchange. This is the main exchange on Avalanche. It hosted dual-token emission super farms for The Great Reset recently.

PaintSwap will host the collection. It is the leading NFT marketplace on Fantom, which was chosen because of its low transaction fees, short confirmation times, and intuitiveness. New users can get started buy Fantom’s native token on a DEX at once.

Benefits to holders

Users will have some of the same benefits as The Great Reset NFTs, such as rarer trading card packs, exclusive access to merchandise drops, and watching The Great Reset episodes before they are officially released.

About The Great Reset

The Great Reset will use TGR, its reputation token, which users can earn by doing work on its decentralized job market. In the project’s plot, these NFTs come from a cyberpunk dystopia of the future, where corporations control everything because governance remained centralized, but technological advances continued.

The Prologue Animated Comics tells the story of Evelyn, a victim of a surveillance state that failed to adopt right-to-repair standards.

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