How Medical Marijuana Is Changing The Way We Get Treatment

By Dr. Ann-Marie Wong, a long-term pediatrician and medical marijuana doctor who specializes in pediatrics

The United States is notorious for its pharmaceutical drug use. With over 4 billion dispensed prescriptions annually, it is hard to beat. The quick-fix culture consequentially has snowballed into crisis on that kills approximately 50,000 people each year. Too often, patients take a prescription too strong, or with debilitating side effects, before asking what harm the medicine can cause. Many patients are looking for an alternative, more natural solution to the pills that not only harm their body and organs, but also disrupte their day to day lives. The legalization of medical marijuana provides Americans with an antidote for their pain and symptoms, with much less destruction.

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is derived from plants offering different strains with many medical benefits. The two main stains that we prescribe are Indica and Sativa. Indica provides a more relaxing and calming effect. Sativa produces more energy and focus. Medical marijuana was first legalized in the United States in 1996, in California. As of today, 36 states have approved the use of Cannabis for medical purposes, including Florida. Today, doctors are able to offer patients a variety of options for consuming this life changing medicine. Oils, flower and edibles are all available, based on preference. It is important to select a doctor that understands your specific concerns and issues, and that will ensure you are given the right medical treatment to put you on the path to wellness. Side effects may include drowsiness and increased appetite, making it a less risky option for patients

How do you qualify for medical marijuana?

As medical marijuana is a fairly new medicine, the medical community is still discovering uses for it through many trials. Today, it has been proven to help with a variety of symptoms including epilepsy, Cancer, Chronic Pain, MS, ADHD, Anxiety, Migraines, Arthritis and over 30 other common issues Americans are facing daily. What is important is to find a doctor that you trust and that specializes in medical marijuana. They will be able to put you on a controlled plan to see how you react and progress. It has been found to be a great alternative to opioids, with much less side effects and little to no addictive qualities. When you get diagnosed, or if you have been diagnosed with something that will require prescriptions, consider the use of medical marijuana in replace of, or in tandem of other medical treatment. Not only can it provide relief, but it also may combat some of the side effects of other prescriptions that you may have to take. 

Medical marijuana has become a fantastic alternative for many patients that want more options than pharmaceuticals. The medical community has witnessed the positive effect this plant based treatment has had on patients. Both children and adults now have the possibility to return to a sense of normality after diagnosis.

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