ZINU Disrupts the NFT Space With Royalty-Free Licensing

LOS ANGELES–()–ZINU, a cryptocurrency project aiming to completely revolutionize the industry, today announced the launch of Zombie Mob Secret Society (ZMSS), the first fully animated 3D NFT collection that represents the industry’s premier utilization of decentralized intellectual property.

The story of Zinu follows the very first Zombie as he travels across the ZombieVerse to build his army – the Zombie Mob Secret Society (ZMSS). Wherever he lays his paws, he uses his gift of immortality and the power of the ZINU Token to travel across as many dimensions as possible – looking to infect the entire entertainment and collectibles industries along the journey.

As the first true form of decentralized intellectual property within a fully-integrated story building of a character, every ZMSS holder will be granted a royalty-free license to their specific Zinu, empowering holders and creators to use and commercialize their respective NFTs within their own industries.

ZINU is the industry’s first fully animated 3D NFT that can walk, strut, run, flip, dance, and fly. In application of its proprietary solution, ZINU has generated trillions of unique 3D full-motion zombified ZINU character combinations, with only 10,000 total NFTs that will be minted to the blockchain.

Each NFT within the ZMSS collection is a unique 1 of 1, allowing every NFT holder the opportunity to own a completely different ZINU character with a vast assortment of distinct traits and characteristics.

“With over 40,000+ members already in our community, people of all ages are falling in love with our character. The possibilities are truly endless as we see ZINU everywhere in the future – from apparel and toys to ultra-premium collectibles and games, to comic books and film. We believe to our core that by decentralizing this form of intellectual property for our #ZombieMob that something truly memorable is in the making,” said SM, Chief Brand Officer and a founder of ZINU.

NFT holders will have ownership rights to take ZINU wherever they go as they continue expanding their own business models, content creation, and overall NFT collection as they learn about ZINU’s mysterious past and the night that turned his entire existence upside down as the world’s first Zombie.

In addition to pushing its decentralized IP, ZINU is also partnering with REV3AL, as the first NFT project to use its digital anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection technology, adding the company’s proprietary patent-pending REV3AL layers onto each of ZINU’s NFTs.

“These REV3AL layers are permanent to each file. They can be analyzed and authenticated by a verifying REV3AL API, which can be used on any social or NFT platform. If anything is changed about the file, such as a watermark removal, screenshot, or compression – the REV3AL layer is destroyed, making it possible to detect or prevent a wide range of digital fraud,” said Cary Quinn, President & CVO of REV3AL.

ZINU has assembled an elite team of experienced developers, marketers, and artists that insist on raising the bar, composed of senior team members who worked at Amazon, Google, Intel & Microsoft with deep connections to leadership within the tech, media, and entertainment industries.

ZINU Token ($ZINU) can be found on 3 separate blockchains – ETH, BSC, and POLYGON ahead of the official NFT launch in March 2022, securing premiere access to the Zombie Mob Secret Society.

About ZINU

ZINU was created as a passion project that has grown into a movement focused on completely disrupting the industry through royalty-free, decentralized intellectual property. With a complex and compelling storyline for its character, the company aims to connect and empower the community to be part of a growing brand that can be used and commercialized from entertainment and gaming, to apparel, toys, and collectibles. For more information please visit WeAreZinu.com.

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