Luka Garza Launches Marketplace for NIL, NFTs, and Blockchain Solutions

Luka’s journey led him to meet other like-minded stakeholders and together, they have formed MVP.Market, raised $5M dollars, to deliver the first ever blockchain marketplace created through the lens of college athletes, students, artists, and pure blockchain technologists

Users will experience an intuitive marketplace that is a fully immersive experience as they interact with NFT drops, buy and sell unique items in the marketplace, and support student-athlete journeys, and live events.

Current NFT marketplaces are plagued with various limitations that prevent a great user experience such as intricate sign-up processes, inability to pay with credit/debit card, lack of security, and prohibitive fees.

The MVP.Market has selected to build its NFT marketplace on its own blockchain to allow easy sign-up, purchases with debit/credit or cryptocurrency.

Our unique blockchain also addresses energy consumption required for marketplace operation with a green sustainable energy model through a Proof of Stake mechanism.

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