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OLD IS NEW: It looks like no brand can sit out the NFT craze. Neil Barrett is launching a collection of NFTs in partnership with the Museum of Digital Art, known as Moda.

Called “Ancient Sculpture Hybrids,” the collection comprises three NFT designs, each available in a limited run of 10 pieces and based on visually pleasing animations drawn from Barrett’s personal archive of artworks created over the past 20 years.

The digital artworks will be minted on Moda starting Feb. 19 and will come with physical framed replicas of the same designs. Moda is a curated platform selling NFTs across the fashion, design, art, music and culture fields.

“NFT and blockchain technology have advanced so much, allowing art to come to life, and to be minted forever in the metaverse. The creative mind with the metaverse has given such scope that we can create whatever we want. Anything that was impossible before is now possible,” Barrett said.

“As a fashion designer and a creative, of course, I am well aware that digital fashion is going to become more and more important each season within the fashion industry. This is my first NFT launch and it’s just the beginning. I’m proud to show my artworks that I’ve been working on over the last 20 years, that I’ve always kept private, and have never shown anybody.”

Neil Barrett's NFT artwork.

Neil Barrett’s NFT artwork.
Courtesy of Neil Barrett

The artworks combine elements of Roman and Greek art, as sculptural heads are given a fresh and contemporary spin. For instance, two of the three artworks combine ancient heads of Augustus and Caesar with portions of “Star Wars” character Darth Vader’s shiny black mask, while the third NFT is based on a digitally manipulated double-headed Hercules head that looks stretched and distorted.

The latter concept nods to Barrett’s archival fashion, too. In 2014, the Milan-based designer paraded sculpture-bearing sweatshirts, shirts and tops on the runway for his spring 2015 men’s collection.

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