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Gucci announced earlier this week that they have purchased land in the Sadnbox Metaverse.  

This is the second major announcement from the luxury brand this year. Last month, Gucci partnered with SUPERPLASTIC to create new NFTs for collectors.

From floral fantasies to trippy GG Supreme dreamscapes, the characters of SUPERPLASTIC enter new realms as the leading creator of animated celebrities, vinyl and digital collectibles teams up with Gucci to create the new SUPERGUCCI collaboration.

For the three-part series of NFTs each with their own handcrafted porcelain sculpture, SUPERPLASTIC’s synthetic artists Janky and Guggimon combine their digital style with the House’s historic codes. In the first release, the famous SuperJanky figure finds itself within ten different whimsical scenarios inspired by Gucci Aria.

This first collection of ten NFTs dropped on February 1st  on SUPERPLASTIC via Gucci Vault, the House’s platform for objects that defy the confines of time and space through the power of imagination.


What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralised, community-driven gaming ecosystem where creators can share and monetise voxel assets and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Using The Sandbox’s free software, such as VoxEdit and the Game Maker, players, artists and game designers can create ASSETs and experiences, such as games, dioramas and art galleries, for themselves and to share with others. These can be monetised to earn the creator passive income.

What is Gucci? 

Gucci is a luxury Italian fashion and leather goods brand, founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921.

In the late 1800s, Guccio Gucci was a Florentine craftsman who worked as a leather tanner. He became an apprentice to a local shoemaker in his teens and later became a traveling salesman for the company that employed him. In 1920, he opened his own shoe store on Via de’ Tornabuoni.

Gucci’s first store was on Via de’ Tornabuoni in Florence, Italy.

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