United Nations to Go NFT on International Women’s Day

It’s been a busy start to the year for the NFT marketplace. While negative news has been a feature, drawing the attention of governments around the world, there has also been greater adoption of digital assets that drove NFT trading volumes to record highs in January.

NFT Marketplace Continues to Grow

The arts & entertainment and sports sectors have been particularly active in the NFT marketplace. With rare collectible NFTs of music legends and iconic films hitting the market. As demand for digital assets rise, there is likely to be greater interest from the mainstream. This is then likely to lead to increased trading activity as more buyers enter the marketplace.

Just this week, Sotheby’s announced a CryptoPunk auction scheduled to take place on 23rd February. Auction houses have been a bridge between the mainstream and the digital world for some time. This is likely to continue to evolve as more artists embrace NFTs.

It comes as little surprise, therefore, that governments and agencies are looking at ways in embracing NFTs in positive ways.

The United Nations Goes NFT to Celebrate International Women’s Day

This week, news hit the wires of the United Nations (UN) planning on holding its first ever female-focused NFT collection exhibition at its headquarters in New York. To mark International Women’s Day, the UN will display woman-focused Boss Beauties Ethereum (ETH) NFTs on 8th March.

Boss Beauties announced on Twitter that Boss Beauties will be the first NFTs ever to be displayed at the UN. Boss Beauties went on to say that the event is dedicated to the young girls who were told ‘No’ and the women who said, ‘Just watch me’.

The event will also include a day of keynotes and panels, with speakers from influencers, global brands, and corporations.

On International Women’s Day, Boss Beauties will exhibit its new series, Boss Beauties Role Models.

For the NFT market, the event will showcase the positive impact that NFTs can have.

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