NewX NFT Soars Over 400% in Floor Price 5 Minutes After Launching

Having been the first energy company in the world to take part in the NFT revolution, NewX Energy are blazing a path into the digital metaverse. NFTs are unique and valuable files that live on a blockchain and are able to verify ownership. The technology has absolutely exploded over the past few weeks — and NewX NFT has been riding that wave to disrupt the way energy can be invested.

“At NewX Energy, we are looking to innovate the way an electricity company can interact with its consumers. Through NewX NFTs, more people now have the chance to be part of the NewX Energy community and be more involved in forging the future with our mission,” said Christien New, the Chairman and Founder of NewX Energy.

Having sold their first collection on the 2nd February 2022 launch, some of the NFTs on sale soared as much as $3,067 from their initial $300 minting price. With its unique and attractive design, each NewX NFT segment expresses unity between the modern and classic through a combination of the old newspaper concept and moving images. Furthermore, each segment possesses their own individual QR code that has specific utility for owners. Every single batch of the NFTs released will have different styles, with each series having their own collectible dividends.

“First and foremost, we are looking to give each owner of our NewX NFTs a great investment opportunity. With each holder eligible for 6-10% dividend based on their purchase price, each segment has a promised  minimum increase of 1% higher than the last transaction. The actual increase was much higher ranging from 10-20% from its previous price. This will ensure that the fundamental asset will always have a positive return on investment over time. However, the main advantage of owning a segment lies within the privileges it affords owners as we continue to build infrastructure around the NewX NFT and blockchain into the future,” added Christien.

Owning and holding a NewX Energy NFT will allow privileges such as concession rates for their electricity; access to a community filled with like-minded people and members of NewX Energy; and most interestingly, an accumulation of a cryptocurrency token derived from the NFT segment – the NewNit Tokens. Accumulation of these tokens will allow holders to pay or offset their electricity bills in the near future. With the NewX Energy roadmap looking to create its own blockchain and digital exchange in the near future, the NewX Energy NFT is forging an exciting and innovative path in the investment of energy space.

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About NewX Energy

Founded in 2018, NewX Energy looks to disrupt the way power is sold and transacted – transforming energy supply by developing their own delivery system by utilising IoT technology, artificial intelligence, and Big Data centers. While managing the day-to-day activities of their sister-company BPP, NewX Energy is providing over 120 million users affordable, efficient and sustainable electricity throughout Southeast Asia.

As a challenger to the current energy model, NewX Energy is currently developing a proprietary blockchain system. Through the release of their NFT collection, tokens (NewNit Token) and wallet (NewX Pay), they are looking to revolutionise the electricity industry. Their grand vision is to create their own Energy Digital Exchange where people can be more involved in electricity trading.

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