Hollywood Movie Epic ‘Antara’ partners with CrossTower on first ever movie NFT Drop on CrossTower’s soon to be launched NFT Marketplace

<span class=”legendSpanClass”>Being the first major Hollywood film funded by NFTs, Antara has the potential to disrupt Hollywood’s existing order of financing in modern times.</span>

<span class=”legendSpanClass”>Through this partnership, Antara’s drop will be available to CrossTower’s users on its upcoming NFT marketplace in March 2022</span>

<span class=”legendSpanClass”>CrossTower-based buyers will partly own IP rights and revenues of the Hollywood movie Antara, by owning its NFT drops.</span>

HAMILTON, Bermuda and India, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Arabian Camels, an NFT community that is making a first-of-its-kind Hollywood movie ‘Antara,’ today announced its partnership with CrossTower, one of the world’s fastest and leading crypto and digital asset exchanges. Antara will be the first-ever decentralised feature film produced by Arabian Camels. Through this partnership, the Antara Movie NFT’s drop will be made available to CrossTower’s users on its upcoming NFT marketplace starting in March 2022.

Arabian Camels

Arabian Camels

“The NFT industry is driven by community…and [artistry]. Antara’s NFT is an impeccable example of industry potential.”

CrossTower has secured a large exclusive allocation of the iconic ‘Antara Movie NFT’ collection. Buyers will digitally own IP rights of the Hollywood movie – Antara, by owning its NFT. The Antara Movie NFT is the first NFT drop to fund the production of a USD 45 million Hollywood epic. Being the first major Hollywood film funded by NFT, Antara has the potential to disrupt Hollywood’s existing order of financing in modern times.

Kapil Rathi, Co-founder and CEO at CrossTower said “The NFT industry is driven by community, expression and newfound artistic identity. Antara’s NFT is an impeccable example of industry potential, as the Arabian Camels move to introduce a revolutionary model that will ‘de-risk’ and transform the entire film industry. They are merging film, NFTs, DeFi, gaming, and the Metaverse in this wave of transmedia evolution giving CrossTower users the opportunities to be both art collectors and revenue producers.”

Depending on the rarity of the NFT, collectors may also get to take part in the filming, visit the desert set, gain producer credit, or even win a Lamborghini, Rolex or a 24-carat bar of gold.

Alexander Amartei, Producer of Antara said, “As the NFT market enters its next phase of evolution, many institutional investors and sophisticated collectors are rushing into the NFT space. We are seeing a great demand for game-changing, blue chip NFT projects and platforms that cater to discerning highprofile collectors. CrossTower is leading the way and we are excited to work with them given their deep understanding of financial markets, infrastructure, and trading technology. As we introduce a DeFi NFT model that is set to revolutionise the movie business, we are glad to partner with a platform that brings years of highcalibre experience, international reach and a new level of commerce to the world of NFTs.”

The real-world relevance of this project differentiates it from other NFT collections. Art galleries around the world have expressed interest in acquiring framed prints of ‘The Antara Movie NFT’ in selected galleries. With their framed prints, Arabian Camels will be the first to merge art with Hollywood IP Rights., giving their owners the opportunities to be both art collectors and revenue producers.

About Antara

Antara is a feature film directed by one of the most sought-after Hollywood directors that covers the true story of Antara Ibn Shaddad, a slave from ancient Arabia who became a Knight and poet and rocketed to stardom in the 6th century. The film is the first big-budget Hollywood film to be funded by NFTs before its theatrical and streaming debut, as well as the first NFT, to facilitate this type of royalty sharing. As a part of the ‘Antara IP,’ a transmedia rollout, the film is a part of a franchise that includes sequels, crypto-infused ‘Assassins Creed Styled’ multi-player game, a comic and a strong brand with a long-term merchandising and licensing strategy.


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