The Fraternity Apes Party- NFTs Gone Wild

With a strong, dedicated community of users and equally-strong backing from top-level supporters, the Fraternity Apes Party is promising the wildest NFTs for holders to party with celebs.

NFTs have gotten extremely popular and arguably just as if not more valuable than similar tangible luxury items. Today, NFT sales average between 10 to 20 million USD per week, with some weeks going as high as 170 million USD. At their current values, NFTs seems poised to become a permanent addition to the luxury market

While the fact that you don’t actually own a physical object has always been used as a point against NFTs, what is seldom mentioned is that there are also a lot of advantages that can only be associated with NFTs.

As the exact form NFTs take can vary significantly, ranging from your usual digital art to the odd autographed tweet, so can the benefits that come with each item. However, the payoffs of buying an NFT rarely end with the actual purchase. Generally, you can use NFTs as you would physical art pieces, serving as investments, pieces in personal art collections, or even holiday gifts. In this form, NFTs are much like tangible goods in that rare items generally sell for much higher. For example, Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days sold in March 2021 for a whopping 69.3 million USD in a purchase paid for entirely in ETH.

At the same time, NFTs can also come with benefits that you won’t usually get with traditional pieces. Today, most NFTs are directly connected to certain causes and special interest communities. These can range from examples like The Honey Bee Club, who aim to protect the world’s declining bee population, to Stoner Cats, an adult animated series locked behind its own NFTs.

Similarly, the Fraternity Apes Party NFT Project aims to unite a community of those who want two things – to own NFTs with huge future potential and to be part of the hottest and biggest ragers of 2022.

An exclusive group of 9,999 raging apes, the Fraternity is backed by a variety of high-level supporters which include celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs. The group plans to use their NFT Project to organize the biggest and wildest parties of 2022 like the founders have been doing previously at @highkeyparty. The goal of these parties is simple: Aside from having a blast, the Fraternity recognizes the power of these ragers to build a strong network of NFT minters from all parts of the world.

The Fraternity Apes will soon be minting 3,333 apes for its first drop of the year. Presale will be exclusive for 333 ragers that are allowed to mint up to 3 pieces each. If you’re planning to buy during the first main sale, then expect your VIP invitation to the mansion party in Miami exclusive to the Fraternity Apes and all NFT holders after the sale. If you’re lucky, you could also be among the 3 presale minters that will get a sponsored flight to Miami just for the party!

As a blue-chip NFT Project supported by top-dogs and a highly exclusive community united by a right to party, The Fraternity Apes is perfect for both investors as well as all-purpose party animals. With NFTs now regularly selling for thousands of dollars to even everyday Millenials and Gen-Zs, the Frat is also one of the best ways for anyone to form networks with high-profile, like-minded individuals.

You can keep in touch with the Fraternity Apes Party by following them on their Instagram @fraternityapesparty. For more in-depth information on their NFT project, you can join also them on their Discord.

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