Chinese photographer releases NFT in tribute to Vivian Maier

Happyfatboy revealed his source of inspiration in an interview with Brilliant Advertising Media.

Victoria, Australia, Feb. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2022, the development of the metauniverse will enter the fast lane. NFT, short for “Non-fungible token”,is a data unit based on blockchain technology. Each NFT digital collection is unique, indivisible, and can be permanently preserved, with ultra-high collection value. Recently, Chinese enterprises have begun to test the primary trading market of “digital collections”, and the NFT market has attracted more and more attention in China.

Two days ago, a photographer from China released a set of photos on the biggest NFT trading market named Opensea under the assumed name of “Happyfatboy”.

A old woman in the grocery store

The Post Epidemic Era photo series was taken in March,2020, when the Chinese government had just announced the lifting of the city’s lockdown.Then I took my camera to the street to record this precious period. I hope people will not forget the time when we remained optimistic even though we were living behind the fear of Covid-19 through these photos. Only 26 photos will be released in The Post Epidemic Era series.” says the photographer, Happyfatboy.

This set of photos is like Ukiyo-e painting of the modern Chinese cities. There are soldiers, vendors, young men and women in the photos, showing the mental state of different people in that period. Although the epidemic has brought great fear to people’s lives, they are still rebuilding their homes with optimism.

In addition, Happyfatboy also pays tribute to Vivian Maier, one of the greatest photographers in the 20th century in the United States through these photos.

The Post Epidemic Era is being auctioned on The website shows that the deadline for the auction is May 2022.

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