Marijuana Company Canndescent Brands Launches Its Fifth Brand – VOLCANNX

California’s cannabis brand Canndescent Brands is launching its fifth brand – VOLCANNX, a strain-focused, indoor flower brand.

“With VOLCANNX, we identified an underserved segment: the frequent consumer that wants a variety of hard-to-find craft strains, delivering high potency without the high price,”chief revenue officer Rick Fisher stated. “VOLCANNX serves the 25-to-40-year-old expert consumer that shapes trends, loves street art, lives for drop culture, and explores new cannabis experiences.” 

VOLCANNX 1/8 oz. whole flower jars and 1/8 oz. pouches of smalls will retail at $40 and $30, respectively, and will be available at leading California dispensaries starting February 2022. Initial strain drops in the first six months will include Cereal Milk, Apple Fritter, Malibu Pure Kush, Shortcake, Papaya, White Tahoe, Green Cush, Wedding Pie, Future X, Pie Face, Jealous Bananas, and more. 

Following launch, VOLCANNX will also release Grower’s Stash, a limited-edition small-batch series available at its premier retailers.

Photo: Courtesy of Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

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