OpenSea NFT Marketplace Has Made Over $12 Billion in Sales

During 2021, within the crypto space, NFTs were very hot, but now with an analysis made on one of the main NFT marketplaces, the numbers speak for themselves.

Félix Descôteaux, Staff Software Developer at Zapper, revealed on his official Twitter account that the development team just finished a tool to index every NFT transfer on OpenSea.

The team concluded that 26,000 NFT collections have been created in the marketplace, 25 million NFTs have been transferred, and over $12 billion in sales were made since OpenSea’s beginning, as you see below:

Félix commented that the index data will be “eventually public” because it still needs some work in order to integrate it with their app.

What Is Zapper?

Zapper is a platform that manages crypto investments from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to NFTs. The platform allows crypto users to learn and access DeFi services more easily.

Zapper was founded in 2020 by Nodar Janashia, Seb Audet, Suhail Gangji and it claims to have more than $11 billion invested in its platform, more than 1 million users, and 244 DeFi platforms supported. 

One of its latest announcements is an upcoming feature where users can see activities and follow other platform users, as a social network.

What’s Next for OpenSea?

OpenSea, for now, has supported Ethereum and Polygon chains, but it appears they are bringing new chains such as Solana.

In the last 30 days, according to DappRadar data, the top three NFT marketplaces were: LooksRare with a total volume of $4.72 billion, OpenSea with $3.81 billion, and Magic Eden with $370 million.

LooksRare was launched earlier this month, and from what it appears, it could be an OpenSea competitor.

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