All The Major NFT News In The Previous Week

There were a lot of NFT News happening in the previous week. From the partnership between Snoop Dog and FLUF world to a gift of 10mn NFTS by WAX – here is a short roundup of all the most noteworthy things that happened.

The Top Things Happening In NFTs

Snoop Dogg, FLUF World, and the studio of Beyond VR teamed up and raised more than $1Mn during a one-day NFT auction for charity. The proceeds will go to Auckland City Mission, a non-profit organization in New Zealand.

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There were 7 NFTs from FLUF World that were coupled with 7 limited-edition Burrows that was themed after Snoop Dogg. Beyond designed them. The pairs were then put up for auction on OpenSea. Last month, FLUF World’s owners’ Nun-Fungible Labs had previously donated $100k to the Mission. The Mission aids locals who need housing.

Second up in the Non-Fungible Token industry was the launch of the re-source project “Adidas for Prada” by Adidas Originals. The project is a collaboration with Zack Lieberman, a digital artist, on SuperRate. Most of the profit from the sale of these NFTs will become donations for Slow Factory.

Slow Factory is a non-profit institute and organization that works towards improving environmental literacy and sustainability. Prada and Adidas invited their followers to add photographs that are anonymized to the NFT project that is open-Metaverse. 3000 of them will be selected and made into Non-fungible tokens.

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Recently, WAX recorded a total of 11 million accounts on the wallet on its platform. To celebrate this milestone, they decided to airdrop 10Mn non-fungible token collectibles to the wallet holders who were the first 10Mn. To date, this is the biggest single drop of Non-fungible tokens, as per the company’s records. Allegedly, it will also have zero carbon emissions.

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