Logan Paul Gives Brutal Reaction When Guy Offers Him An NFT

Logan Paul gives a brutal reaction towards a fan when asked about NFTs. Watch below:

From enemies inside of the ring to friends outside of it, Logan Paul’s new bromance with KSI is there for all to see.

The new business partners were marketing their new drink PRIME in a promotional video, which was uploaded onto Logan’s channel.

The upload took place at a Walmart, where the duo were ‘undercover’ and trying to sell their new product to the public.

However, a fan walked up to Logan on the drinks counter and asked about a possible NFT.

Credit: YouTube/loganpaul
Credit: YouTube/loganpaul

They enquired: “Let me put you onto a NFT real quick.”

To which, Paul brutally responded: “No, leave.”

As KSI bursts out laughing, Logan adds: “Get out of here.”

JJ’s infectious laugh then hits Paul and the pair suffer a laughing attack.

While p***ing himself laughing, Logan admits he might have been a bit harsh.

“Poor kid, poor kid,” he says.

Both Logan and KSI have been teasing fans with what many thought was a round three boxing bout between the two.

The first fight was ended via a draw and their last fight, in 2019, saw Paul defeated.

Anyway, Logan explained how 2022 was the ‘year of love’ and they wanted to put their differences aside and do something together. 

So instead of belting the cr*p out of each other in a ring, they have launched a drinks company. 

Credit: YouTube/loganpaul
Credit: YouTube/loganpaul

It’s called Prime and will be a sports drink that Logan and KSI hope will rival the likes of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Powerade and Gatorade. 

Logan said he got into the science of sports drinks during his training for the Floyd Mayweather bout and that inspired him to make one of his own to mass produce across North America.

While promoting their new drinks brand, Paul praised his former opponent and finally accepted his defeat. 

He said: “I love you for real and I don’t feel like fighting again. That second fight I think you won fair and square.

“I said I think you won so congratulations man, we have been divided in the past but it’s done.

“The division is over, 2022 is the year of love and we have come together to announce possibly the biggest thing we will ever build.”

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