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PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Some Phoenix high schoolers are launching their own NFT line. It stands for Non-Fungible Token and you can make some big money on them. They’re digital pieces of art you own in the metaverse, and they can act like a ticket or even a video game character. Now, Valley high schoolers are creating their own line.

Phoenix teens NFT collection

Valley high schoolers are creating their own line of NTFs.

Amari Fair is an artist at heart and his new medium has gone digital. “I don’t like finishing them. I just want to work on them,” said Fair. Brophy College Preparatory students hired the Arcadia High School graduate to hand draw nearly a thousand original works of art for a new NFT line called Bad Kidz. “I’m really excited by NFT. I truly think they’re the future,” said Bad Kidz founder Saif Agha, a senior at Brophy.

His business team consists of junior Amar Toric and sophomore Zeid Arekat. They want to sell 10,000 NFTs next month. They believe they’re a part of the future in the metaverse, a digital world which the likes of Facebook have started creating. “We are moving to an entirely new stratosphere for people to live in. We are moving to an online lifestyle,” said Agha.

Phoenix teens NFTs

In a few months, they’ll be 3D.

It’s an online lifestyle the teens want to be a part of. The NFTs aren’t just to look at. In a few months, they’ll be 3D and by next year, whoever owns one will control it in a video game the high schoolers are developing for 2023. It’s a video game you can make real money from. “These characters will be playable in a game we’re developing, which will be a Battle Royal Hunger Games-style game where people pay an entry fee but if they win, they get paid out in real money or Ethereum,” said Agha.

Phoenix teens NTF collection

They want to sell 10,000 NFTs next month. 

The NFT line drops Feb. 22 to the public for .25 Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that translates to around $775. You could get it two days earlier. For more information on that click here

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