The concept of the project is based on Mark Gonzales’s signature creature design, an imaginary friend called Shmoo. Shmoo has 10,000 alter egos, each of them living in 10,000 different dimensions of time. The alter egos have been travelling between the digital worlds, and eventually found and settled in the SOLANA Blockchain.

The 10,000 alter egos represent the Shmoo Variants. Those discovering different dimensions may come across Shmoos in different rarities only found in that particular dimension. Whether the Shmoo picks up an extraordinary timepiece (super rare.) or adopts a Variant Pet, it’s all up to fate. Look out for more to come from Shmoo’s 10,000 dimensions.

Soulshift aims to bring together the best of two worlds — fashion and crypto. This first collaboration earmarks the beginning of Soulshift’s journey as a launchpad into a much bigger world of opportunities with brands, designers and artists in the fashion world.

“We are living through a great change where art can last forever in the world of Web.3, and it’s a great honour to see such big designers joining this movement,” says Owen Ho, Head of Operations at Soulshift.io.

He later adds, “Blockchain has given the possibility to collect exceptional items and store them forever. The very nature of decentralised blockchain technology creates full transparency from originator to collectors, one big step closer to truly empowering artists.”

Mint launch exclusively on https://soulshift.io/

Launch date: January 27th, 2022

For more details, please follow:

Discord: discord.gg/soulshift
Instagram: @soulshift.io
Twitter: @_soulshift

ABOUT Hiroshi Fujiwara @hiroshifujiwara

Hiroshi Fujiwara was born in Ise, Mie. He is often referred as the godfather of Ura-Harajuku fashion, but Fujiwara is more than a globally influential streetwear designer – he is also a musician, prominent streetwear influencer, and founder of Fragment Design. Other ventures include the THUNDERBOLT PROJECT and THE CONVENI. During Fujiwara’s career, he has collaborated with world-renowned brands across multiple industries, such as Louis Vuitton, BVLGARI, Maserati, Moncler, Sacai, Nike, and Beats by Dre.

ABOUT Mark Gonzales

Known as the most influential skateboarder of all time, Mark Gonzales doesn’t just ride a skateboard — he is skateboarding. Countless skateboarders also make art, but no skateboarder is as synonymous with art as Mark Gonzales. ‘Gonz’ doesn’t just make art,  he is art. Effortless, he simply doesn’t know any other way. Like his skating, Mark’s art is pure, free-flowing, innocent, imperfect, spontaneous, simplistic, relevant — it contains multitudes.

ABOUT SoulShift @soulshift.io

SoulShift is a community-centric and transparent NFT launchpad that promotes and collaborates with top-rated artists/designers and celebrities to launch their own unique digital NFT collectibles at minimal minting costs on the Solana Blockchain. with its foundational passion for art & fashion, SoulShift are a family of like-minded individuals, collectors, and curators, who share common goals and interests within the NFT space.

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